You've been told forever that school is so important and that you must do everything in your power to do your best so that you can succeed later in life. I was one who tried very hard and school, and I realize the benefits more now than I did while I was in all my years of school. Granted, I have a little ways to go before I get my degree (almost there), but I still had to go through elementary school and high school.

What I don't understand about how our society functions is that kids go to school for discipline, life lessons, and to learn to work with others (aka create some type of social life). It gives you a routine and makes you learn how to balance your life. And somewhere else in those school obligations, you learn to love something. You join some type of extracurricular activity that adds to your experience and your personality.

Besides, all of that, you go into the process of signing up for just MORE school, because the world says you have order to get a job. It's a requirement to outweigh the loss of money going into college (good luck with that because it's getting more expensive by the day, and so is everything else). School has been your entire life, and now you have to get a job.

The world expects 18 year old's to go to college and after that, get tied down to a job. It might not be your dream job, but you have to get one. Well, first off you need experience ...which no one has because they are fresh out of college. So, you hope that maybe your one or two internships (if any) are enough to let someone give you a chance.

That's great and all, but if college was about experiencing this so called "real world" by having more hand on experiences and meeting people in these fields, wouldn't school be more worth our while?

Papers are all well and good, and tests are sometimes needed, but we need to re-think how we utilize class time and what our focus is in educating this fresh new entering workforce.

As a student, I feel like I should be more prepared to face a normal job and have already had experience in every single class, that I could add to my resume. That way, if on an interview I am asked questions about my experience, I can answer with the knowledge from my experience.

I hope this makes sense. Maybe the education system will change, enough so future students won't feel they were thrown into the deep end and pressured to get a job fresh out of college.

On top of that, hopefully the time in college can shorten in length of time (since 4 years and more is a good chunk of life), and maybe less expensive (since majority of students are forever in debt straight out of college).

I will never ever forget the job fair I went to that was looking to hire a barista with a bachelors degree. Just let that sit there in your mind for a while.