I know all of my fellow writers have been experiencing some writer's block, I have too - it's natural to not always have something to write about.

I tend to just share my life experiences with people and often brag about how thankful I am for everything I have in my life, including all the amazing people. That's why I figured I would introduce some of them, and compliment them all in this showing them how special they are to me.

There is no way I will have enough room to mention everyone and say every incredible thing about each person, but I'm going to do my best. Starting off with the beautiful girl in the middle of this photo, who also inspired this article.

Kristen, or Kris10 as I refer to her ass. She is an amazing young woman who has big plans for her future and won't let anything get in her way. She flaunts her style and plans on becoming a rich business woman. She also tells me how she will be able to pay me to be her friend one day... Not that I need to be paid, but I won't complain. I love having her as a friend because she always wants to tell me things that happened to her during the week, she comes to me for advice, and always inspires me. I am proud to say that all of my friends inspire me to be a better person everyday. Most of my friends I spend all my time with are from work because all I do is work, sleep, and go to school, so why not have friends where you work?

All of my ladies at work honestly make my days 100% better than they would be without them. I'm going to mention as many of them as I can. Starting off with Lex who is gorgeous, she always asks how I'm doing like them all, and she just always knows my moods and I never know how. I'm happy I met her because I could see us being friends for a long time.

Someone who I feel will always be there to back me up and looks out for me constantly is Kayla. Kayla takes no one's crap which is a big thing I love about her. She also really cares about people. If she likes you, she will always be there for you.

A true inspiration is Katie, she is so strong and reminds me of my mom. She has a beautiful young daughter who is a spitting image of her, and takes care of herself and her daughter. Plus she is just so sweet.

I want Alisha to adopt me into her beautiful family, like it's perfect and she is so funny and considerate of others.

Sierra is always there to do something dumb or jsut to make you laugh.

Matina is pregnant at the moment so whenever she just walks, I fall to the floor laughing; but yet her baby bump is comforting.

We all make fun of each other, make each other laugh, and compliment each other. They aren't my only great friends from work... I have Cate, Hannah, Abby, Aubrey, Emily, James, Jess, Mikayla... All people I equally love and appreciate.

I'm so thankful for this job and all the people I have met there. They keep me from wanting to jump off the host stand every now and then. My bosses are even pretty cool sometimes; especially Kyle. He is so funny but can also be super serious at the same time. He is a really hard worker and often tells people when he notices them working hard, as well. He would literally break his back to help someone. He can make anyones day with his sometimes annoying singing. I personally think it's not half bad - sometimes I would buy tickets to his concert.

Work wouldn't be the same without any of these people. I don't even know if I would want to go. Just make sure you always enjoy people's company and just be with them even if it's at work. Everyone in your life is lucky to have you, just like I'm sure you are just as lucky as I am to have some amazing people in your lives. Cherish all the little things with them!