Now that one break is over, it seems as though everyone's minds are shifting right over school and on to the next one. The question is, "Where are you going for spring break?" There are many options when it comes to choosing a perfect destination, but here's a secret... it doesn't matter where you go, it matters who you go with! You could be somewhere tropical or on the top of a mountain, either way, you'll have the time of your life as long as you're with the right friends. So now we must modify the question to, "Who are the right people to go on spring break with?"

The must-have friends include:

1. The Documenting Friend

Someone who always seems to be taking funny pictures and videos for the memories. Be careful not to confuse this with someone who is always on their phone and can't go a second without it.

2. The Spontaneous Friend

When plans aren't needed to have a good time, you know you're with a fun friend! A person who is down for anything, but not to be mistaken with the friend who is down for anyone. They may seem fun at first and want to go out all the time, until they find that perfect someone they can take home and gallivant with, leaving you all by your lonesome.

3. The Organized Friend

Someone who is a good navigator and planner, but watch out for the micro-manager who can't let loose or the worry wart who has a sixth sense for impending doom.

4. The Traveling Connoisseur

Always on the lookout to maximize the trip and eat the best food, unless they have that been there done that attitude and are too entitle to be satisfied with anything.

5. The Boys

Because who else is going to do something stupid enough that we'll all still be talking about in 20 years. Just be weary of the two love birds who you, along with everyone else, will end up third wheeling on their couples retreat.