I've written countless times about the love I have for my friends. I consider myself very friend or relationship-oriented, so it is a topic I feel very urged to write on.

Lately, I've especially noticed some of the major differences across my relationships with my peers. Some of my friendships are more social, in which I just converse with the person when I come across them in public situations. Other friendships are more deep, in which I know I can go to that person for support. To these homies, I would like to say thanks.

In a city like Los Angeles, it can seem like a lot of people don't have the right intentions. A lot of people are concerned about being on top or being the very best. They prioritize themselves and themselves only.

But then there are those with good intentions. The people that want to know the real you. The people that want to lift you up rather than tear you down. They include you in their plans and check in on how you're doing.

You know a friendship is healthy when you can openly talk about anything. I don't know what I would do if I had no one to rant to about school or boys or life!

We need other humans to keep us grounded and sane. Humans are social beings. Isolation can be extremely depressing.

I understand I have been extremely fortunate in finding my people. My people keep it real. We look out for one another and include one another in everything we do. I also understand for others it may be harder to find their people. To these humans, I would like to say don't give up hope.

As a person that has been involved in many different friend groups, I know that it can be hard when you feel you don't click with the people in a certain group. You feel excluded and unworthy. But you are not unworthy, you just haven't found the people that will help you thrive. Friends that keep it real help you thrive, and I encourage you to find these people.

My biggest piece of advice in finding those friends that keep it real is to just be yourself. I know from personal experience it may be tempting to put on a mask or try to be something you are not to impress the people you think you want to be around. Warning: not worth it!

The people that will truly love you and be there for you want you as you are. They want the real you. So in return, accept people for the real them. This is, after all, the meaning of true friendship.