Friendships. Who would have thought that such a simple word could define a complex web of relationships people have with one another? Not the physical types of relationship, but ones rooted in mutual love and respect. The types of relationships that make having a conversation with looks and eye rolls possible. The types of relationships that make doing even the simplest of things the most memorable moments.

Friendships. The relationships made up of the people we trust with our whole selves, even the parts that we sometimes have a hard time accepting ourselves. Friends have a way of seeing through the facades we put on to please the rest of the world. Friends have a way of breaking you out of your shell and letting the real you shine, because that’s the side they love.

Friendships. Some friendships are made to last, and other falter. The key is knowing which ones to hold on tight to. While some people are in our lives for the long haul, others come in to test our resolves and commitment to who and what we truly believe in. Never be sorry that someone was a part of your life, cherish the memories you made with them, and be happy that you had the time with them, no matter how long or short. Know that even the smallest of imprints someone has on your life can be life changing.

Friendships. A relationship that transcends time and conflict if built on a sturdy base of trust. Trust doesn’t come easily for some. It takes time to fully put all of your faith in another person. Unequivocally, the past is what can make it so troublesome to trust another human with your hopes and dreams. Trust is freely given until someone makes you too scared to give it away so easily the next time. To those friends who have never let me down, I thank you, and to those of you who have hurt me time and time again, I hope that we can let time heal our wounds, and look to the future.

Friendships. It is like picking flowers, sometimes the best flowers are picked first, but are also first to wilt. The joy is really based on watching the flowers bloom. Some friendships start in third grade, some throughout middle and high school, and then there are the ones that blossom in college, and you wonder how you got through life before them.

Friendships. The best ones are made of polar opposites. While your just hoping to make it in life as an English major, those you hold dear are aspiring nurses, accountants, physical therapist, pharmacists, and women’s rights activists. These are the types of women I want standing next to me when I say, “I Do.” Holding my hand when I'm having troubles finding a job as a writer, cradling my first child and praying that they find the types of friendship we have been so blessed with, and laughing in a nursing home with when that time finally dons.

Friendships. It’s filled with the ones who make finding your way and yourself a little more meaningful. A relationship made up of “your person” or “your people.” A place where love in limitless, and payment is given through the time spent in each other’s presence. Friends are the one thing that makes life a little easier when they’re standing right by your side.