Netflix Shows To Watch After Friends And The Office Leave

Well, Netflix is probably going to lose a lot of subscribers soon. The streaming giant has announced that the show “Friends” will be taken off the platform in 2020 and will be moved to Warner Cable’s new streaming service. “The Office”, in a similar fashion, will be leaving Netflix in 2021 and will be added to NBC’s new streaming service. “Friends” and “The Office” are two of Netflix’s most popular shows, so learning that they will both be pulled in the near future sure is a downer. I’m definitely going to miss freaking out over Jim and Pam’s love story and laughing at Joey and Chandler’s antics.

Never fear, though! For I have compiled a list of some great shows that you can watch if you don’t want to pay for two more streaming service subscriptions (I don’t blame you). After all, Netflix has more quality shows than just “Friends” and “The Office”. Here are some more great shows you can watch.

1. “Stranger Things”


What can I even say about this show except that it’s basically perfect? The writing is excellent, the characters are stellar, the cinematography is fantastic, and the soundtrack is second-to-none. Out of all the Netflix originals, this is by far the best. I haven’t finished it yet, but so far Season 3 is out of this world.

And... that’s about it.

Make sure to get in one last viewing of “Friends” and “The Office” before they’re gone.

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