"Friends" and "The Office" Are Both Leaving Netflix

The 90's sitcom classic about six friends in New York City will be joining HBO Max, while "The Office" will be going home to NBC's new streaming service."Friends" has now officially joined "The Office" as one of the classic re-watchable shows that Netflix will be losing in the next couple of years.

That's right. Years. Netflix continues to make rather poor choices, as "The Office" will be available till 2021 and "Friends" will be leaving at the end of 2019. It seems fairly premature to announce that either of these shows are leaving the streaming service. Usually, Netflix announces their arrivals and departures monthly.

So why in the world would they announce this so early?

Here's the catch. According to a 2018 media survey both shows were among the most watched programming on Netflix, along with a third of their subscription base paying for the service in order to watch their original content, shows that have never premiered elsewhere. With the recent cull of the Netflix orignal Marvel shows,("The Defenders" and all of it's superhero shows were among the highest ranked) Netflix is relying on nostalgic binge watchers to keep their subscriptions to rush through these two favorites again, keeping viewers cash in their pockets and their numbers up.

Because once these two sitcom classics are gone, Netflix may be down on viewership. Many fans allegedly cancelled their monthly subscriptions after the downfall of their favorite shows and despite being billions in debt Netflix has announced a live action dramedy adaption of the book series,"The Baby-Sitters Club"

Taking all of this into account, it would make sense that Netflix would want to use it's viewers FOMO to it's advantage, spurning them to watch as much of their favorites as possible, hopefully boosting their views and keeping money in their hands. But it seems that Netflix's position as the one and only streaming service has been shaken, with Hulu coming out with more tremendous originals, and other companies rising to take a slice of the pie.

How will Netflix fare after they lose "The Office" and "Friends" in the next few years? Only time will tell. It may be that Netflix needs to restructure their balance of original content with pre made content, and hopefully they won't regret all of the shows they've prematurely cancelled.

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