Friendly Diamonds: Exploring Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings Styles Made Simple
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Friendly Diamonds: Exploring Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings Styles Made Simple

Planning to propose?

Friendly Diamonds: Exploring Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings Styles Made Simple


You're ready to commit, and we couldn't be happier for you.

To seal the deal, you'll require an engagement ring. It can't be just any ring. It has to be perfect, crafted in an absolute fashion, and a piece that resonates with your significant other.

We at Friendly Diamonds are an online jewelry brand that gives you the opportunity to create your own diamond engagement ring exactly the way you want. You get to choose a ring setting; the way your gemstone is secured. You get to choose a ring style; the aesthetic appeal of your ring. And yes, you get to choose your very own lab diamond. Yes, a lab grown diamond because we are an eco-friendly online jewelry brand that believes in sustainability.

As we said, you get the opportunity to create your own ring, but this, too, can sometimes be a tedious process. So here is a range of popular engagement ring styles to guide you in choosing a ring that reflects your love story.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire Engagement Rings are an absolute classic. They're timeless, beautiful, and not the kind that'll go out of style. Solitaire styles are among the most popular and affordable styles that feature a gleaming center gem on a sleek metal shank. And in case you're wondering what a shank is, it's the part of the ring that encircles your finger.

Allen Solitaire Ring

The Allen Diamond ring has a solitaire held in place by four prongs that crisscross at the ring's bridge to form a beautiful, petite cut-out gallery. The gallery refers to the area between the center jewel and the top of the shank. The ring's gemstone is set in a vintage yet modern cathedral-style, slightly tapering band, giving the ring a sophisticated and classy appeal.

Evermore Solitaire Ring

The solitaire held firmly in its four round pointed prongs give the Evermore Diamond Ring a heavenly look. The twisted shank adds enormous elegance as it travels up to the center gemstone creating a graceful allure.

Halo Engagement Rings

The halo style is ideal for a glamorous look that combines smaller stones and intricate details encircling the center gemstone for a striking appearance.

Tosca Diamond Ring

The Tosca Diamond Ring is an absolute stunner. The central gem is positioned on a diamond-studded split shank on a cathedral-style band with pave set stones. The solitaire, secured by four prongs, has a concealed diamond halo that extends through the prongs.

Rosalind Diamond Ring

The Rosalind Diamond Ring has a floating halo surrounding the center gem giving it a scintillating effect. The ring's gallery is of classic design and uplifts the halo, while the solitaire rising from it is securely held in place by four prongs. Micro pave-set diamonds go halfway down the split shank on both sides of the ring, complementing the band's aesthetics.

Side Stone Engagement Rings

Side stone engagement rings feature a larger diamond at the center, surrounded by smaller gemstones on either side of the band. By adding side stones, the ring takes on a unique appearance and adds to the beauty of the center stone.

Celeste Diamond Ring

The Celeste side oval diamond band features a central solitaire set in a four prong basket with exquisite oval side stones making it an eternity ring. The ring is an ideal choice for commemorating the start of a lifelong relationship.

Dua Diamond Ring

The Dua diamond ring is a unique and attractive band crafted with a solitaire nestled among four pave set diamond studded prongs. The design has a diamond-studded halo positioned underneath the central stone. The milgrain texture running halfway on both sides of the knife edge shank adds a gleaming effect to the ring.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings draw inspiration from a classic, timeless era of the yesteryears. Braided motifs, milgrain detailing, and other unique details designed on vintage rings give them a traditional appeal.

Antique Allure Diamond Ring

The Antique Allure Diamond Ring is a fascinating piece. The solitaire is placed on an artistically carved metal band and held by four prongs while flanked by two petite gemstones on both sides of the ring. The carved vintage design on the band walls gives it a classic and sophisticated look.

Valencia Vintage Ring

The Valencia Vintage Ring adds an enduring twist to the classic three-stone ring. The three stones lie elegantly in place while the prongs form a beautiful floral design. Smaller diamonds on both sides of the center gemstone adds glamor to the ring.

While the designs mentioned above are here to guide you with your selection, creating a ring for your dearly beloved has a charm of its own. So feel free to explore more styles and create your ring at Friendly Diamonds Today!

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