Well, here we are. After months of planning, prepping, and freaking out, the day has finally come. The day you get to walk down the aisle to your best friend. The day you get to say "I do" and start a completely new chapter in your life. That day is here and I just can't believe it.

I remember years ago we talked about the day we were going to get married. The colors we would want, the dress, the venue.. everything. And those conversations we had are finally coming true.

I am so incredibly happy for you. I am happy that I get to experience the joy he brings you and that I get to be there for you during this incredible day. You are going to be a beautiful bride.

As I sit here and write this to you, I can't help but smile. I can't help but think back on all of your heart breaks and the tears you cried over stupid boys. And look at you now. Happier than ever. Satisfied with a great man who loves you more than you could ever imagine.

Not everything is going to be easy. Life is going to get really tough sometimes. You are going to fight and disagree and probably want to kill each other at times, but don't ever forget the love you have today. Don't forget about the moment you looked each other in the eyes and said, "I do." You will experience so much together in this life. You will have really good times and really bad, but the love you have for each other trumps everything else.

Don't ever stop complimenting each other. Don't bring up things from your past. Don't go to sleep mad. You are becoming one and thinking for yourselves isn't a thing anymore. Remember to let your love guide your relationship. Remember to stop and embrace each other, to kiss each other, to say I love you. I know that you guys have got this because I see the love you have for each other. I see the love you bring each other. I see how he completes you.

I am so thankful you found him. I am so thankful he has given you the happiness you never thought you could experience.

Today I get to watch you walk down to your future. I get to watch you be given away by your wonderful parents who have exemplified love to you. I get to see you in your beautiful wedding dress and read your vows to the man of your dreams. I am so blessed to be your friend. I am so blessed to stand next to you on the most important day of your life thus far.

So here's to you. And your future husband, the love of your life. Here's to the memories you are going to make, the life you are going to build, the children you are going to have. No one is more deserving of this happiness than you. Thank you for being my friend. For showing me what true love is supposed to look like. Congratulations.