Staring down at our phones reading the news that you are no longer with us was one of the most painful things anyone has ever felt. The feeling that we will never see your smile, hear your laugh, or hang out with you on the weekends is so overwhelming, it hurts our chests.

We think it cannot happen here, that it is just a misunderstanding, and you are going to jump out and say "got you!" with that goofy smile on your face. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

We want you to know you are forever with us. Even though we will not feel your arms around us in a hug or have you to goof around with, you are here.

You exist in our memories. We are all clinging to the good times we had with you, thinking about the last time we saw you or talked to you. Our favorite memories will forever keep you alive in our hearts.

You have to realize the impact you had on all of us. Your passing has brought all of us together, and although we really need you, we have each other to lean on for support and for help to try and figure out why you are gone.

The amount of people you touched in your time with us in incredible. So many people are hurt and in pain over losing you. We know you would want us to be strong, so we will try our best together.

Putting our feelings into words is hard to do. Describing our pain is nearly impossible. We are angry and hurt at the same time, and we cannot understand how to cope with all of it at once.

No one can understand why we had to lose someone who meant the world to us. You were the light in the dark to most of us, and we will forever be touched by you. You made our bad days good and our good days better than we could have ever imagined. We are sorry that we had to lose you, but we will never forget you.

Rest in Peace friend, we will see you soon.

JD 11/3/97-10/17/17 <3