For a college freshman, university life can either be easily overcome or rather formidable to experience. New life, new rules, new expectations. You no longer are treated like just a student, but also an adult. With that in mind, for those who struggle with adapting to the rigors of campus life, I have some advice.

1. Relax

Easier said than done, but it's true! Find a way to relax on campus and forget about all that stresses you out. Go to the gym on campus. Read a book or relax in the quad. Play ultimate Frisbee. Something. Anything to help alleviate that stress.

2. Join a club

Any club or organization on campus can help if they fit into your interests and schedule. Pre-Med club, a political organization, volunteering, religious organization, etcetera. Any of it can help you not only adapt to life on campus, but also meet friends. Speaking of which...

3. Make friends

SERIOUSLY. This is big. It will be difficult to transition into college life without friends around you. Isolation sucks. Clubs can help you make friends, but your classes can as well. Socials in your dorm can also be a good way to make friends. You make connections and potentially find study buddies. It's a win-win!

4. Hold tight to old friends/family

Regardless of your new friends, remember everyone else. Those old friends and family can also provide you with some comfort when you are anxious or concerned. Text, call, email, letters. Whichever way you can contact them, it helps to have people to contact that can help you escape from campus life.

5. Embrace life as a college student

You have made it! Embrace the new challenge ahead of you. You made it out of the semi-hellish experience known as high school. Don't let college be what makes you stumble.

These are just some of the ways I adapted to college life. While it isn't a universal method, there aren't many other things better.