As expected, being on your own for the first time means you will naturally learn some things. As for me, I was enlightened on the ways of college life as well as on ways of life in general, such as budgeting. All in all, your first year away from home is a major growth period, and you need to embrace it.

1. The Freshman Fifteen is Very Easy To Avoid.

It's one of the first warnings you receive when going off to college: "beware of that freshman fifteen, those midnight pizzas will catch up to you." Granted, if you eat pizza 3+ nights a week, this might apply to you. However, if you occasionally order Dominoes after a night out (as my roommate and I do) you are not going to gain weight. The key is to keep a healthy, balanced diet and make it to the gym regularly.

2. The Parking Rumors are True

Chances are you will not find a parking spot anywhere near where you need to be. You will most likely have to park at least a mile from your destination. But hey, this will just help you keep off that freshman fifteen. That being said, I have loved having my car here and definitely recommend bringing your car freshman year if you are allowed.

3. Dorm Life is Unique And a Part of the College Experience

Yes, it is an adjustment sharing a 12x13 cubicle with another person, but it's a part of the college experience. That being said, don't pass up the opportunity to spend a year in a dorm! While the rules kind of suck and you lowkey feel like you are still being watched over by parents, you definitely still have fun. You just have to be smart about it. Plus, you are usually within walking distance to all the bars, so you'll save money on Ubers.

4. Living On Campus is Amazing

I get to wake up thirty minutes before my classes start and still make it fifteen minutes early. Next year I will be in an apartment off-campus, and while I am extremely excited, I will miss being able to roll out of bed and walk straight to class.

5. People Don't Give a Flip About What You Wear

You would be surprised how much people do not notice. Because honestly, they do not care. Most people have better things to worry about than whether or not you decided to wear minion slippers to class. I have seen people roaming campus in a chicken suit, pajama onesies, and hamburger shoes, and nobody cares. College is truly a place to do and wear whatever the hell you want because people truly don't care.

6. Being on a Budget Makes You Grow Up

This may not apply to everyone, but college is the first time I've really had to think about money. While it was a huge adjustment, it really has made me grow up. I now pay for my own groceries, gas, medications, school supplies, etc. I have to think twice now about going out to dinner, buying that cute shirt, and whether or not to see that movie.

7. You Don't Always Have to look Picture-Perfect

I wore makeup every day from 7th grade up to the first day of classes last Fall. Now I only wear it when I am going out or have a special occasion, and it has benefitted me in more ways than one. First of all, it significantly increased my self-confidence. I used to be horrified that people would see me without makeup, but now I know I look good with and without it, so it doesn't bother me. Second, I am saving so much time and money.

8. Making Your Own Decisions is Liberating

You decide what you do, when you do it, what classes you take, what major you declare, what people you hang out with, and it is amazing. In high school, you are surrounded by rules and regulations by both your parents and school administration. That is a thing of the past in college and it is extraordinary.

9. Missing Home is Okay and Normal

I rushed Fall semester so making it home was difficult as I always had things to do on the weekends. Further, it was football season so I didn't want to miss out on the fun that was going down at school. I did miss home, and that was perfectly fine. Everybody gets homesick at times, and it's nothing to feel embarrassed about.

10. These Are Going to be Four Amazing, Memorable Years

Everyone pretty much already knows this, but I had to include it. College is such a unique time, as I have the freedom to do whatever I want (within reason) but yet I still have the financial support of my parents. Furthermore, I am finally studying what I want to study and not what I am told I have to study, and that just makes the whole experience even better.