10 Details On The First Month of Freshmen Year
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Student Life

10 Details On The First Month of Freshmen Year

Secret Life of A Freshman Student

10 Details On The First Month of Freshmen Year

As Mom and Dad always tell you, "I would do anything to go back to college and do it all over again." All summer I toyed with this idea in my head: If college is so great than why am I so terrified to leave? I'm here to tell all of you upcoming freshmen, I am living proof that you will be just fine.

1. Officially saying goodbye to your childhood and hello to adulthood.

Yes, at the age of eighteen you are officially legal. You earn the right to vote, drive after 11 PM, and be as independent as you choose to be. However, the real test of legality is college. While you might not be in the real world just yet, this is a step in that direction. College is a trial run for learning to live on your own with no true responsibilities just yet.

2. Slowly running out of necessities that you brought to college.

After you savor every ounce of what your parents sent you up to college with, you might find yourself thinking: Now what? Finding a group of friends to do a Target/Wal-Mart run that have also quickly run out of granola bars, water bottles, and Skinny Pop won't be too difficult.

3. Decorating your dorm, then realizing you live in a shoe box.

While you are supposed to assigned to a "move-in day," most students end up with "move-in days." You're living here for the next 10 months so while you're away from your comfy bed at home, you want what feels like to be 5 feet of living space to be homey and perfectly decorated. After at least 6 or 7 runs to Target or Bed Bath and Beyond and arguing with your parents about where the TV should go, if the hanging mirror is too high or too low, and how to connect to the wifi, you should feel right at home.

4. Awkwardly meeting people you have stalked on social media since you committed to college.

Every freshman is in the same boat - they will do whatever it takes to make friends. After stalking people you think you can see yourself being friends with, it is the most uncomfortable experience when meeting someone you only know through Instagram. When you say, "It's so nice to meet you," you are basically saying, "I know your whole life through social media. Be my friend for the next for years."

5. Parting ways with gourmet home-cooked meals and settling for dining halls.

The dining hall has plenty of choices each day, however, unfortunately they never...ever...ever vary. Each day you pretty much eat the same thing and learn to deal with it and complain just like the rest of your friends. This makes your mom's not-so-great cooking taste like it came directly from Rachel Ray.

6. Meeting professors that you assume will resemble Professor Snape.

The stereotypical college professors have the stigma of being absolutely petrifying. Luckily, this seems to be the complete opposite. All professors are understanding of the fact that being a confused freshman is 100% accurate. They all truly want you to succeed, but you have to meet them halfway to achieve it. Classes are obviously tough as expected, but the professors are more than willing to help in any way they can.

7. Leaving an hour before each class to make sure you have just enough time to end up on the opposite side of campus.

If you always wanted a decent size school like me, the one downside is how confusing it is finding your way to anything for the few days. There are kids like me who show up 45 minutes early and there are also kids who are so lost they show up 45 minutes late. After all of the chaos of moving Within the first week you will be more settled

8. Developing a really close bond with coffee.

From the second you walk on campus, you will realize approximately 85% of the student body is at Starbucks 24 hours a day. While most schools have syllabus week to give you a feel for each of your classes, it feels more like syllabus day. Work piles and piles up and you need the extra boost once, twice, or three times a day to keep up with the mountain high load of work you will have very shortly. Coffee also doesn't hurt if you unfortunately can't avoid having a dreaded 8 AM class.

9. Enjoying the library a lot more than you thought you would.

While your local library at home is completely irrelevant to you, a college library is like the gem of campus. The library is the best place to get work done because watching everyone around you be productive is actually motivating. It is quiet with no distractions and forces you to not procrastinate your work.

10. Finding yourself truly growing up and learning every day how to be responsible and live on your own.

See points 1-9.

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