Being a college freshman can only be described as madness. It has been the weirdest time of my life since it is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I learned a lot first semester.

1. Play hard work harder

2. Being nice isn’t that hard

3. Game day is the best day

4. Dining hall will forever be disgusting

5. Make friends in your classes

6. Make time for yourself

7. Headphones are gods gift to humanity

8. Be clean

9. Take out the garbage

10. Air fresheners over everything

11. Visitors are the best

12. Make friends on your floor

13. Bathrooms are disgusting

14. Wear shoes or socks always

15. Take the stairs

16. Soul cycle is the worlds greatest

17. Missing your parents is normal

18. It’s not just your room

19. Do things with not just your friends

20. Get involved in things your passionate about

21. Don’t take early classes on Fridays

22. Mondays are the literal worst

23. RedBull is actually kind of good

24. Sharing is caring

25. Do your laundry

26. Looking like a human is harder than you think

27. You frat shoes will get destroyed

28. Be prepared for the weather

29. Go to class

30. Pray next semester will be this insane