Coming to a huge school like OSU is a different experience for everyone, but with these tips, you'll be sure to make the most of it!

1. Make a good first impression

Be yourself around new students you meet, but perhaps even more importantly, try to make a good impression with your professors. Participate and show up on time. Build a relationship with your professors so that you can get on their good side-- trust me, it will come in handy sooner than later.

2. Come to OSU with basic school supplies ready to go

Don't waste time shopping for folders and a notebook or two when you could be spending time at social events and meeting new people. Of course, you don't have to go overboard, but getting necessities like pencils and pens ahead of time is a smart choice. Be smart about buying textbooks-- used books is definitely the better (cheaper) way to go.

3. Go to Welcome Week events

They are basically opportunities to socialize and get free stuff, so you can't go wrong.

4. Go to the Involvement Fair

You are guaranteed to find at least one organization that you're interested in-- there are tons. If you're like me, you'll sign up for half of them and spend the rest of the year getting newsletters from clubs that you never show up to…

5. Don’t feel pressured to become too involved

You honestly don't have to become involved in dozens of organizations, or attend every Welcome Week event-- take things at a pace you're comfortable with.

6. Go along with the school spirit

Even if you're not the type of person who is into school spirit, play along. It's not as lame as you might think.

7. Remember that school comes first

Meeting new friends and having fun is a big part of your first week of college, but don't forget that classes are why you're there in the first place.