I can't believe it's been one year since I left my place of full-time employment to turn into a freelancer. This year has been full of high points and low points with the ups far-outweighing the downs. However, I'm still recovering financially, and I'm progressing forward, despite the fact that I've bombed over and again as a specialist and lost my greatest customer.

In the beginning, I wasn't planning on becoming a specialist in my field. I was simply endeavoring to leave a dangerous activity and there weren't any great full-time office jobs that interested me. I chanced upon a decent freelancing activity. Despite the fact that it made my calendar somewhat insane, I truly appreciated the work I was doing. I was with a small startup and I was on their marketing team, my job was to come up with marketing strategies and do research work.

I developed their social media accounts to grow the company's reach and establish their branding. I was working full time for them and I had a couple of different outside clients that I did some work for as an afterthought. I was getting more cash than I had ever previously, and things were going quite well.

Everything was going good until the company I was working with was shut down. As a startup, they weren't making a ton of revenue and our customer-base just wasn't growing fast enough.

I was completely shattered. It was only nine months that into my freelancing career and I lost my biggest client and source of income. Despite the fact that it wasn't my fault by any means. Regardless, I accused myself. To exacerbate the situation, I was in the process of paying my student loans, and I had to figure out a way to keep making payments — and fast.

Luckily, I got a client from a freelancing website. It wasn't the same number of hours as the startup, but it was enough to keep me afloat. The hours changed each week relied upon what they required, so it was a greater amount than your run of the mill outsourcing work, yet I was getting a charge out of it. I simply required more customers to truly begin making a benefit once more.

Soon after, somebody in my life had medical issues, and I was rationally settled up with my business for about a month. It's a long story and I won't go into any subtleties, but dealing with everything at once definitely wasn't an easy situation.

I was battling monetarily and inwardly, I invested a ton of energy in the emergency clinic and spent two or three weeks away from home to be with this individual, and I couldn't concentrate on developing my business and finding new customers.

My life was complete chaos. It didn't help that in order to make ends meet, I took on another customer that was certifiably not a solid match and the work wasn't what I was keen on by any means, so it added more pressure and dissatisfaction to my officially insane month. I was so frantic for work and cash that I began applying for data entry projects.

Around this time, I truly hit with an idea to start my own website to earn money for the long term though I was not good in technical coding, took a crash course for 45 days of PHP Language and end up creating my own website. At first, traffic wasn't going up and about working two to three months on the website completely, which covers website management, search engine optimization. I and my friend both work hard on the website and luckily, traffic has started to go up.

Despite all of the hardships I've faced, I wouldn't trade my experience freelancing for the world, and I've truly become a better person for it.