How To Get Free .Com Domain In Less Than A Minute
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How To Get Free .Com Domain In Less Than A Minute

Planning to start a website or blog? Anyone who starts's online very first time they need a domain to set up their website. As it is the very first basic and most important step.

I have seen many of the newbies in the market who are planning to start their own blog or website but they are struggling to buy a domain because of their limited budget.


Most of the time I have heard from my friends that they have brought domains from the well known and popular seller GoDaddy by paying a handsome amount.

Above mentioned both situations have the same problem that is "unawareness" all of them miss the benefits of getting a free .com domain name or other extensions like .net .org etc.

Don't worry from now you don't have to face this problem because I have found the best and simple solution to buy a free .com domain name.

How To Get Free .Com Domain In Less Than A Minute

I want to share a free .com domain name trick with you to just save your money on your domain so that you can invest it in the future at the right place when required.

.Com Meaning?

There are many domain extensions available out there in the market such as .net, .org, .edu and so on. There is a different use of every extension like .net is an abbreviation of term "network" as it is mainly used by the organizations that are involved in networking technologies.

But .com is mainly used for commercial purposes and also consider as a top-level domain found on 15 March 1985.

There are over 115 million .com domains are active worldwide as it is clear that it is a dominating extension. There is 46% of estimate share of .com domain extension and highly valued in digital real estate.

Why .Com Is The Best?

●46% of the website's use .com domain extension

●.com Domain Lends Credibility Of Your Brand

●.com domain mainly focuses on brand and its easy to remember like other well-known websites like

Get Free .Com Domain Names

Get Free .Com Domain Name With Affordable Web Hosting


We all know that without a good and speed hosting there is no use of domain so there is an awesome offer from Bluehost. If you buy hosting from them then you will get a free .com domain name with hosting package.

As I have mentioned above that .com extensions are in very much high demand so no one will sell it completely free.

So anyhow you can get this superb deal with the Bluehost while signing up for the hosting which only costs $2.95 per month.

Nowadays if we compared to other extensions like .net or country TLDs, people give more priority to .com domain name as we have always heard any big brand domain with only .com like, etc.

.Com extension is a widely popular, common and professional-looking domain so it will be great choosing a good hosting that provides free .com domain with professional email. Isn't it a cool deal?

I think you can go with Bluehost as they are giving the best offer for hosting in just $3 including free .com domain name, up to 5 business email and all the process is so simple that you can set up and customize a professional-looking website within an hour.

Bluehost not only gives you a free .com domain name, but you will also a professional and high-quality website and up to 5 business emails for the domain. So what are you waiting for… Hit the signup button below...


Now pay for the Wix website builder package and get a free .com domain name for a year. Let's talk about some of the features for solopreneurs on $11 package comes with 3GB Storage, 2GB Bandwith, and a free .com domain name. The other offer comes with the unlimited package, 10GB Storage, unlimited bandwidth in just $14 best for small businesses.

Every product has a drawback or you can call it limitations. The limitation you will face here is that you have to pay for your domain after 1 year. And the pricing will depend on the type of domain extension you select.

The best thing about the website builder is that you can design a beautiful and creative website without any coding or website skills as all the process is very simple. I would say that this will be best for the single person who has a limitation in their budget for hiring a website designer. They can do it by themselves easily.


Select unlimited shared or dream press hosting press plans annually and get a free .com domain name for one year. The costing of the annual dream press plan is around $16 per month and $5.95 per month for a shared unlimited plan including a cloud server that will help for the super-fast performance of the website.

Dreamhost is a little costlier than Bluehost for starter websites because its shared hosting unlimited plans offer better storage. As it is not easily customizable like wix and others but you can import any website design.

The best part about dream host is that it has one-click CMS installation like WordPress and Joomla with simple drag and drop website builder which can help you to create a basic website easily. You can learn more about Dreamhost in their hosting section in the header menu.


So from now onwards you don't have to limit yourself or your budget to buy the domain for own websites. Now you can simply get free .com extension with hosting plans easily without paying any additional cost for the domain. .Com is better than using any other extension like .tk.

I hope this article will help you to buy a free .com extension with hosting but if you only want to buy a domain name then you can use this trick to get a domain name for 99 cents. So if you found this helpful then don't forget to share this article with your friends and help them too. "sharing is caring"

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