Free Activities? In My Atlanta?
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Free Activities? In My Atlanta?

It's More Likely Than You Think

Free Activities? In My Atlanta?

Ah, the eternal struggles of the Emory student. You may be responsible for your own expenses, but these little things called "classes" make it that much harder to earn your own income. To make matters worse, the new Blue Donkey coffee shop on campus has long since thrown you off your budget. Now you're trying to save money, but you can only stomach so many dorm room movie nights and Super Smash Bros. tournaments. For those of you who have been fruitlessly searching for budget-friendly activities, the wait is over. Compiled here is a list of fun activities to do in Atlanta — all for free!

Watch Your Eyes Dilate

The human body is a truly amazing feat of nature, and its complexities can be lost on even the most venerable pre-med students among us. Did you know your iris is a muscle that contracts and relaxes on its own? To witness this phenomenon for yourself, sit in the darkened bathroom of your dorm hall for at least 15 minutes. After you've acclimated to the void, snap on the lights and rush to the mirror. You'll see your pupils slowly shrink right before your eyes. Free entertainment for hours on end, and available any time of the year!

Recreate a Fire Drill

This activity requires help from a few friends to achieve its full effect, but I assure you that the final product will be well worth it. First, invite your companions to your dorm room for a relaxing evening of board games. Then, at an unannounced time, have a previously designated friend blow into a whistle with rhythmic blasts. Calmly but quickly, exit the dorm with your friends and stand a safe distance away from the building. Loiter in the lawn for 36 minutes before exchanging awkward glances and heading back inside. What authentic fun!

Recreating a fire drill is the perfect evening for those of us who feel like Emory's luxury accommodations have denied us the rite of passage of the typical "we're-all-in-it-together" dorm bonding experience.

Take a Break From Your Senses

Sensory deprivation tanks are the latest therapeutic health trend you've never heard of, unless, of course, you spend too much time on BuzzFeed or Groupon (no judgement). But the cost of professional sessions can rack up quickly, and let's face it, you probably don't want to be the guy who misses club lacrosse practice because you got caught up in Buckhead traffic on the way back from your appointment?

For a practical, zero-cost alternative, take out your contact lens and pop in some ear plugs. Slowly lower yourself into Candler Lake and lazily float through the algae until you complete one full sleep cycle or lose a toe to a snapping turtle — whichever comes first. The lukewarm water paired with muted vision and hearing will give you a much-needed break from your senses. Rejuvenating!

Mind Your Business

A wise fogie once told me, "keep your nose clean, kid. You've got potential, but talents like yours are too often squandered on the follies of man." Well, technically that never happened, but I've always wished it had. (Is that weird? Am I weird? Please say no.)

Whether you choose to keep your nose clean, mind your beeswax or stay in your lane, the possibilities of minding your business for free in Atlanta are endless! Not texting your ex? Zero dollars. Keeping your thoughts on that woman's outfit to yourself? No cost. Treating friends and strangers with respect and giving them the modest benefit of the doubt? Absolutely free! This semester is the perfect time to find out if the drama-free life is all it's cracked up to be.

I Don't Know, Like ... Read a Book?

There are lots of them at the Robert W. Woodruff Library. Go crazy.


There can be intense pressure to live your college years to the fullest. But just because Atlanta isn't the cheapest of cities doesn't mean you have to miss out. Incorporate these tips into your routine, and you'll be empowered to have fun the fiscally responsible way!

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