In Honor Of Fred McLeod, Whose Sudden Passing Has Every Cavs Fan Devastated

Everyone that knows even a little bit about Cleveland knows just how much of a dynamic, sports-driven city it really is. The fans are passionate, showing up to games and supporting their teams no matter how good or bad they may be doing. Their love for their city is unmatched. Undoubtedly, sports are one of the biggest things that ties the city of Cleveland together. So when the Cavs organization lost one of the most dominant play-by-play reporters unexpectedly, the whole city was crushed.

Fred McLeod was one of the most respected play-by-play announcers in the NBA, and he exemplified the city of Cleveland in the best way possible. He was passionate, just like all Cleveland fans are, and he always brought that joy to others in his commentating. He loved the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers team just like every other fan in the arena. He was truly an important aspect of the team, and his contribution and love for the Cavs did not go unnoticed.

Since joining the Cavs organization in 2006, his voice has become an iconic part of every game. In fact, his passionate play-calling in the final seconds leading up to the Cavs winning the Larry O'Brien trophy in 2016 will continue to live on for years to come. The passion and enthusiasm in his voice made the moment even more special, and his play-by-plays during every game will be missed tremendously in the games to come.

So, on behalf of the whole city of Cleveland, I want to express the most sincere and wholehearted gratitude for everything that Fred did for this city during his time here. His love and passion for Cleveland made every game more exciting to watch, and we could not be more grateful to have had such an amazing announcer as the voice of our city for so many years.

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