Ever wonder what it's like to have a twin?

Well, I had my friends send me question's they've always to know and...

I answered them!

1. Are you two dating?

No. Just because I do not look like my twin doesn't mean that we are dating. He is my twin brother, not my boyfriend. Please stop asking this question. We are related. We don't look alike. We share a last name.

2. Who's Older?

In my case, I am older by a minute. But, in all reality, we were born at the same time. Most twins really don't care about it unless it's close to there birthday. Being older doesn't matter that much to me. Most of the time he acts like the older one.

3. Is The twin bond real?

Yes, yes it is! It is real and deep! So Deep! So Real! So HARD to deal with!

4. Can you feel each other's pain?

Most of the time I can't feel his pain. If something big happens I usually get a weird gut feeling but that's about it. I used to feel more things when I was younger but I think I grew out of it. But if you hit him, I'll hit you! And I can always tell when something big happens. I usually get nauseous... It's weird!

5. Really? You two don't look alike.

Yes, I'm sure! Twins can be Identical or Fraternal and I am a fraternal twin which means we don't look alike. Identical vs. Fraternal... look at #14

6. Do you like the same foods?

We have similar tastes but I like some foods he doesn't and vice versa. Two very different people!

7. Can you read each other's minds?

As much as I want this to be true, it isn't. I really wish I could read his mind! I want this superhero power so bad.

8. Do you have your own language?

We do not, but sometimes he'll give me a glace and I'll understand what it means. It's like when your parents give you the "don't do that" look.

9. What's it like being a twin?

It's like having any other sibling, we just share a birthday. It's really hard to explain! Don't get upset when I'm vague.

10. Do you finish each other's sentences?

In my 18 years of being a twin this has never ever happened to me. And it never will...;(

11. Why aren't you guys like the same person?

Because he's a male, and I'm a female... That's a big difference. Also, two people can never be 100% the same.

12. Oh WOW! I would never have guessed? Does he/she go to the same school?

I'm glad you wouldn't have guessed it! And he's in Texas, here's a picture! We never planned on going to the same College, we got our wings and are flying!

13. Why don't you believe the same things?

Because we are two separate people who formulate our own thoughts and opinions on our own. This creates the same lovely banter that all siblings have.

14. Why aren't you identical?

There are two kinds of Twins, Identical and Fraternal. Identical twins look alike and were a single egg that split into two. Fraternal twins do not usually look like, and were two separate eggs that were fertilized at the same time. #biology

15. Why didn't you go to the same college?

Because we didn't. Yes, it's weird not seeing him every day but you get used to it after a while. And when I miss his face I snap him! But I do miss him...

I guess you can say being a twin is really hard to explain. But I hope I was able to answer just a few of your most burning questions.