What Would Happen If Frank Underwood Ran Against Donald Trump?

Waiting for the new "House of Cards" season to come on, I've been watching the actual election cycle (which comes pretty close in entertainment value). With all the DNC scandals and Trump's fights with practically everyone has made this election very interesting. The one thing that has bored me is Hillary.

With all her forced attempts to appeal to millennials, unenthusiastic, hackneyed speeches and really weird laughs, it genuinely is hard to watch her campaign without falling asleep.

If only a ruthless candidate with tenacity like Frank Underwood would be able to face Donald Trump.

Here's a list of the key issues, and who would win in each one.


Trump during debates on one hand has made sexist remarks, commented on his genital size and practically baffled the American public with the presentation of his policies. Despite this, he's been adamant as a candidate live and makes sure he gets a few insults on everyone on stage.

Frank Underwood doesn't really know how to win debates without manipulation. We saw in his debate with Jackie Sharp and Heather Dunbar he had to blackmail Jackie Sharp into attacking Dunbar. We also saw his overconfidence in taking on Martin Spinella and how he lost his cool.

Winner: Donald Trump

Although the pundits in "House of Cards" said that Frank Underwood likely won his presidential-campaign debate because he kept his cool, Trump won the nomination for the exact opposite reason. Trump's aggressive demeanor and self-aggrandizing insults will likely push Frank Underwood over on live television.


Trump is the embodiment of an overused hashtag. It gets so annoying on the news, but people keep posting about him anyway. Whether it be for making insults on judges that ruled against him or getting into another twitter beef with, Trump dominates headlines. Unfortunately, the coverage of Trump is turning even more negative and this is will hurt him in the general election.

If Underwood were in the election at this point, he probably would have slept with a few journalists, murdered a few others, and bought out the rest. His expert strategies in media manipulation and agenda setting (as demonstrated by using ICO to draw attention away from his own scandal) is superb.

Winner: Frank Underwood

Swing Voters

Trump will likely alienate many with his policies to deport Mexicans, ban Muslims and give tax cuts on the rich. Trump is losing swing voters rapidly and is losing in the polls.

Underwood's AmWorks program is a policy that will unite most Americans. This policy appeals to independents. This plus the dynamism of Claire right by his side instead of Melania (Trump's plagiarism-mired wife) makes him a very strong, appealing candidate.

Winner: Underwood

Trump's great claim is being hard on terrorism, but with Underwood's recent dealings with ICO, he's shown that he is just as hard on that. AmWorks and the voters against Trump make a solid voting block for Underwood.

Winner: Frank Underwood

With his manipulation of the media, experience in the office, and AmWorks program, Frank Underwood has this election in the bag.

Unfortunately we'll have to wait another 6 months to see Underwood face against Will Conway again and have to bear with more Hillary campaigns. Just like Frank Underwood once said, "democracy is so overrated."

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