The question that becomes more and more pressing with each new Fox News segment is "is Fox News capitalizing on Conservative ignorance?" Take Laura Ingraham, for example. Ingraham, on her February 4th segment on Fox News, The Angle, said "everyone knows Democrats, the ultimate founders, of course, of the KKK, not the Republican Party. The roots of racism in the past, in history, in this country is not embedded with the Republican party, the party of Lincoln, but with the Democrats." However, a simple Google search refutes every single false, misleading point brought up. Any student who took the country-wide obligated course of civics is aware of the Party Realignment of 1932, in which all Southern Democrats became Republicans, and vice versa. The very same Southern Democrats that enforced and participated in the KKK organization. Any equally educated person is also aware that the Republicans in 1861 are now Democrats as of the same Party Realignment of 1932. One simple Google search is all it took to disprove this, to restore the truth. But, Fox News is taking advantage of the knowledge that Conservatives will rush to take any Democrat-condemning words as truth, even if it goes as far as threatening the stability of any political credibility and history through its explicit inaccuracy. We can't let false words like these go without refuting them immediately. We can't let those viewers turn off the TV seconds later with the now implanted idea that today's Democrats started the KKK against every single one of their deeply rooted ideals or that today's Republicans are associated with Lincoln's goals and achievements. But, Fox News jeopardizes any possible correction of facts or opinions. Any study on the human brain shows that any information repeatedly exposed to the human brain becomes stored as fact because it is most familiar. Attempting to correct those ideas will be exponentially harder than it was implanting those falsities.

Ingraham also says that "the left declares anything they oppose is racist." But, when Democrats uphold their inherent values against racism and recognize that Northam should step down, Republicans, like Ingraham, criticize their criticism against Democratic Governor Northam, who Republicans classify as "one of their [Democrats'] own." According to Ingraham, holding strong to Democratic ideals towards both Republicans and their own party is equally as bad as solely calling out those from the Republican Party. Fox News knows of the influence their Conservative anchors hold as the Republican party's main news source, and pushing ideologies down their viewers' throats is purely undemocratic. It's no wonder we live in such a polarized community with no outlet for truth or no light visible for any reconciliation.

Ingraham's Fox News segment: