Four Ways To Connect With College Friends In Summer

4 Ways To Connect With College Friends In Summer

Struggling with the fact that you have to leave your college friends? Here are some ways to stay in touch.


After ending my freshman year of college a week ago, I faced the hard fact that all college kids have to face. The fact that not all of our friends we make at school get to go home with us. Some friends can go to different States, or even different Countries. Because of this realization, I decided to make a list of four ways to make this time apart easier.

1. Use your cellphones.

We live in a time where we have the ability to call and text our friends whenever we want to. Just because you cannot see your college friends at the moment doesn't mean they won't be on their phones. Find a time once a week where you know your friends are free, and set up a group phone call. Some apps that can be used for this are Skype, Oovo, or even if all of your friends phones are newly updated, there is a Group FaceTime option!

2. Send letters and packages.

If you are getting bored with texting, try to change things up by sending some letters. This will add a sense of meaning behind the messages you send your friends due to the amount of time and energy it takes to write a letter. It will make the time apart from them go faster. And who knows, you might get a few letters back from them! Also, for any of your friends whose birthdays fall in the summer, it is a thoughtful idea to send them a birthday package. You can feel like you are celebrating your friends birthday with your friends even if you are not with them.

3. Plan to visit them!

The beauty of being in college is that people from all over the country go to the same school as you. This leaves for some super cool places to travel to with no need to spend money on hotel rooms. You can catch up with your friend while getting to travel all over the country to places you might have never seen before.

4. Plan fun things to do when you are back at school.  

The fact that there are no classes in the summer gives time for some planning. Your friends from college and you now have the free time plan out events. Take the time to look up events that your friends and you want to go to so you can make the most of the next semester when you are together. Some ideas are concerts, carnivals, or other events in the area where your college is.

Summer breaks for college students are long and it feels like forever until you can see your friends again. But with those tips, you won't miss much in the four months apart. Before you know it, it'll be August again and your friends and you will all be together for syllabus week.

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