Four Fun Ways To Donate To Charity

Four Fun Ways To Donate To Charity

Here are some fun ways that will keep you giving back with a smile on your face!

It is a known fact that donating makes everyone feel good inside. With the internet and many online shopping opportunities, companies have expanded and connected themselves with amazing opportunities to donate and help out other organizations. Here are a few fun and easy ways to donate to charity.

1. Bombas

Bombas is a sock company created by two friends to help give socks to the homeless. These two men saw one thing that most homeless people were not supplied enough with, socks. Socks are a very hard item to donate to homeless shelters due to the fact that socks wear out very easily. When you buy a pair of socks through Bombas, you also automatically supply a brand new pair that is donated to homeless shelters.

Bombas has completely revamped how socks are made by creating a more durable and usable sock for the homeless. They got rid of annoying seams and such, and viola! With their revamp complete, the company Bombas was born. They reached their donation goal very early on, and they were very proud of that. Instead of taking ten years to donate a million pairs of socks, it only took them two and a half. Bombas helped put socks on more than a million feet and the numbers continue to rise today. The styles range from regular ankle socks to tall socks and even include no-shows. Honestly, when you do the math, it so worth the purchase. They are by far my favorite brand of socks! Check out all of their amazing socks at

2. Charity Miles

Do you like running? Are you someone who needs motivation to start running? Well here is the app for you! Charity Miles is an app that uses GPS tracking capabilities to help raise money while you run, walk or even bike! There is a multitude of charities to choose from such as: Stand Up 2 Cancer, Wounded Warrior Project, She’s The First, USO, Alzheimer's Association and more.

I find that this app specifically helps persuade me into going out for a run. If I can help someone while getting in shape, I might as well choose to make that difference. Large companies sponsor each run or walk you take. As you use the app to track your miles, the sponsor then donates an amount of money that coincides with the amount of miles you tracked. This is a very simple and healthy way to help causes all over the world! You can find the app by visiting

3. Pura Vida

Bracelets and rings are a huge accessory trend right now, especially handmade bracelets. Pura Vida employs over a hundred artisans by giving them full-time jobs in Costa Rica. This mission was started by two men after they completed a mission trip to Costa Rica after college. Not only does this help people keep jobs, they also are paired with over 190 charities! While the bracelets help give these artisans a full-time job, there are also some bracelets that are in support of specific charities.

Buy a cute accessory to support two different great causes? It is a NO BRAINER!

There are bracelets for charities of all kinds such as women's causes, animals, and mental health disorders. Bracelets start at $5 and they offer amazing deals. You can even buy a monthly bracelet subscription where you will get three bracelets sent to you each month! I have five different bracelets and I am in love with this company. So happy to help support careers and charities simultaneously! Check out more of their story and the cutest bracelets around by visiting

4. Social Media

Hashtags are all over and it is such a simple way to help out! If you keep your eyes open, you might find a ton of different hashtags or retweets that could help raise funds! Companies such as Johnson and Johnson and Aerie have different photo based charity events going on throughout the year. Aerie helps instill body confidence in everyone while donating money to the National Eating Disorders Association.

Johnson and Johnson gives you the opportunity to donate to a charity of your choice! Also on Twitter, there was a hashtag fundraiser going on by Naked Juice to raise funds. In this day and age, it is so simple to help out with all the new and creative ways to get involved. So snap that picture, hashtag it up and keep your eyes open for your next social media donation! Try out #AerieReal or check out for more giving opportunities.

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'As A Woman,' I Don't Need To Fit Your Preconceived Political Assumptions About Women

I refuse to be categorized and I refuse to be defined by others. Yes, I am a woman, but I am so much more.


It is quite possible to say that the United States has never seen such a time of divisiveness, partisanship, and extreme animosity of those on different sides of the political spectrum. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are saturated with posts of political opinions and are matched with comments that express not only disagreement but too often, words of hatred. Many who cannot understand others' political beliefs rarely even respect them.

As a female, Republican, college student, I feel I receive the most confusion from others regarding my political opinions. Whenever I post or write something supporting a conservative or expressing my right-leaning beliefs and I see a comment has been left, I almost always know what words their comment will begin with. Or in conversation, if I make my beliefs known and someone begins to respond, I can practically hear the words before they leave their mouth.

"As a woman…"

This initial phrase is often followed by a question, generally surrounding how I could publicly support a Republican candidate or maintain conservative beliefs. "As a woman, how can you support Donald Trump?" or "As a woman, how can you support pro-life policies?" and, my personal favorite, "As a woman, how did you not want Hillary for president?"

Although I understand their sentiment, I cannot respect it. Yes, being a woman is a part of who I am, but it in no way determines who I am. My sex has not and will not adjudicate my goals, my passions, or my work. It will not influence the way in which I think or the way in which I express those thoughts. Further, your mention of my sex as the primary logic for condemning such expressions will not change my adherence to defending what I share. Nor should it.

To conduct your questioning of my politics by inferring that my sex should influence my ideology is not only offensive, it's sexist.

It disregards my other qualifications and renders them worthless. It disregards my work as a student of political science. It disregards my hours of research dedicated to writing about politics. It disregards my creativity as an author and my knowledge of the subjects I choose to discuss. It disregards the fundamental human right I possess to form my own opinion and my Constitutional right to express that opinion freely with others. And most notably, it disregards that I am an individual. An individual capable of forming my own opinions and being brave enough to share those with the world at the risk of receiving backlash and criticism. All I ask is for respect of that bravery and respect for my qualifications.

Words are powerful. They can be used to inspire, unite, and revolutionize. Yet, they can be abused, and too comfortably are. Opening a dialogue of political debate by confining me to my gender restricts the productivity of that debate from the start. Those simple but potent words overlook my identity and label me as a stereotype destined to fit into a mold. They indicate that in our debate, you cannot look past my sex. That you will not be receptive to what I have to say if it doesn't fit into what I should be saying, "as a woman."

That is the issue with politics today. The media and our politicians, those who are meant to encourage and protect democracy, divide us into these stereotypes. We are too often told that because we are female, because we are young adults, because we are a minority, because we are middle-aged males without college degrees, that we are meant to vote and to feel one way, and any other way is misguided. Before a conversation has begun, we are divided against our will. Too many of us fail to inform ourselves of the issues and construct opinions that are entirely our own, unencumbered by what the mainstream tells us we are meant to believe.

We, as a people, have become limited to these classifications. Are we not more than a demographic?

As a student of political science, seeking to enter a workforce dominated by men, yes, I am a woman, but foremost I am a scholar, I am a leader, and I am autonomous. I refuse to be categorized and I refuse to be defined by others. Yes, I am a woman, but I am so much more.

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Money IS Speech

Surprise! The left is being dishonest, again...


The use of money in politics, especially in elections, is an issue sure to stir debate. This topic first came to political prominence during the Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC (2010), in which the Supreme Court boldly upheld a constitutional right allowing corporations and Unions to donate to political campaigns without restriction. This case followed the Buckley v. Valeo (1976) decision, which came to the conclusion that limits on election spending, specifically found in the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1976, were unconstitutional. Both decisions, in my opinion, were decided in an ethical and moral manner, despite what fear-mongering conspiracy theorists on the left may want you to believe. For example, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, in a 2011 video titled 'Survey: Massive Lobbyist Power After Citizens United,' is on record lying about the former case, Citizens United.

He first insinuates that lobbyists are now blackmailing United States Senators by threatening to donate to political rivals; though he provides no evidence. He then suggests that this type of blackmail has lead Senators to strike deals with these lobbyists, in the form of a quid pro quo. Not only is his evidence scant, and at times misleading, he is also defaming the characters of seemingly innocent public officials. These types of conspiracies degrade the trust we must possess with our Representatives, which has lead to an unfathomable amount of people calling for an abdication of the first amendment, as it applies to speech in politics. To illustrate, according to a New York Times poll conducted on May 23, 2015, 84% of respondents believed that money has "too much" of a role in political campaigns today.

According to the same survey, 77% of respondents also believed that the amount of money a person can legally donate to a political campaign should be "limited." But, the only possible way to limit the amount of money an individual can use in a political campaign, is to infringe upon the first amendment, which allows speech of all kinds, no matter the amount of speech used or the identity of the speaker. Also, proponents of this idea have yet to define what "limit" means in this context. This, of course, does not matter to the radical anarchist. They are content with letting the government decide whose speech is worth protecting, and whose is not.

This, in my opinion, is a slippery slope not worth traversing down. Therefore, we are left with two options: amending the first amendment, thus setting a dangerous precedent for other amendments in the Bill of Rights, or accepting and allowing speech of all kinds, even speech we disagree with. In my opinion, the latter option is the most ethical. Western Civilization rests upon the idea that everyone can contribute to the national good; yes, even people who have accumulated more money throughout their lives, or those who have been born into wealth.

Therefore, allowing debate, mostly through political advertisements, 'get out the vote' efforts, and general campaign spending, can only strengthen and help educate our society. But, unfortunately, trendy Senators like Bernie Sanders, who has garnered the support of millions of young Americans, has coaxed his supporters into believing the former supposition. This fact alone is not problematic, in fact, disagreement of all sorts is healthy in a Democracy, no matter the ramifications that such policy implementations will be sure to have. It is the process by which he coaxes them that is problematic. Bernie, along with much of the leadership on the left, demonizes those who hold contrary views.

This has created an enormous amount of polarization among politicians, but, more importantly, among ordinary citizens as well. This type of rhetoric spouted all too often by the Democratic leadership, specifically on this controversial issue, has created a cesspool in American politics. If left unchecked, the Democratic leadership will continue to pull our country apart. It is, therefore, our duty as citizens to stand up to the now mainstream radical-left, and reject their plea to uproot our country's values.

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