10 Ways You Know When You've Found The Love Of Your Life

Every relationship teaches you valuable lessons, no matter how many you go through. You will learn more about yourself than anything else. But the greatest lessons will come from the love of your life. He will show you parts of yourself that you didn't realize were apart of you. Here are some ways show you're with the right guy.

1. He's there for you no matter what.

Whatever happens, whoever it is, he'll always be there for you. He won't try to play games and disappear for a little while, if you need to talk, he'll always be available. Part of being in a relationship is going through the ups and downs together and being there for you during these times is what keeps the relationship moving. He won't get scared and run away if something goes wrong or you need him.

2. You can be yourself with him.

Everyone is a little weird and being able to show that weird side to someone else is, quite frankly, pretty great. As the relationship progresses, you'll become more and more comfortable with each other and those weird sides will start to come out. It will come so naturally with him that you can't imagine being with anyone else. Allowing to see each other's inner personal self and be completely accepting of it is rare so if you find someone who takes you as you are, never let them go. And guess what? You'll love every single second of it.

3. He enjoys being around your family and wants to spend time with them.

Family is incredibly important. If you find a man who genuinely enjoys being with you and your family, he's a keeper. Making a good impression on your parents and/or siblings will help you as well. Hearing their good opinions of him will want you to bring him home more and do more fun activities together. Same goes for you enjoying your time around his family too. As you'll get older, you'll spend more and more time with your families so if he likes them now, it'll only get better from here.

4. He's a great listener.

You can go to him with whatever is on your mind and he'll listen to everything you have to say. You can seriously tell him anything, and he'll hear what you have to say. It could be the simplest things, from what to eat to dinner, to major things like hardships with family or friends or life in general. You won't have to worry if he isn't listening to you because he'll show you that he is.

5. You have fun with him, no matter where it is.

It could be on the couch, eating pizza and watching your favorite tv show, or going to a fun bar. It doesn't have to be a party for the both of you to enjoy each other. Whatever you and him do together, it'll be a great time. You'll realize that what the two of you do together isn't what matters, it's the fact that you two are doing it together.

6. He won't be afraid to call you out.

No one likes to be wrong, especially in relationships. Let's face it though: we all can be wrong. But with the love of your life, he won't be afraid to tell you when you're being overdramatic or ridiculous. He'll challenge you and stand up to you in ways that no else ever has. You may be annoyed with it at first, but you'll come to appreciate his honesty. It'll make your relationship much more strong in ways that you didn't think it would.

7. You see a future with him.

If you're in a relationship, but don't see a future them with them, is it even a relationship? Relationships are hopefully the start of forever, and with the love of your life, there won't be any hesitation with wanting a future with them. You'll start to make plans about what's next when it comes to where you and him see yourselves together in a few years. You won't be afraid of bringing up important topics, like marriage and children. He'll want to discuss those topics with you too since he'll see a future with you as well.

8. He supports you.

Whatever path you choose during your life, he'll support you every step of the way. You won't ever feel alone in making decisions because he'll be there to help you if you need it. He'll tell you that he's proud of you and make sure that you feel loved regardless of what you decide. He'll inspire you to become to best possible self you can be. He'll be your biggest fan, cheering you on from the sidelines.

9. He will choose you, every single day.

Relationships are hard work, and finding someone who wants to work at it with you every single day is a blessing. You'll never have to worry about where he is or what he's doing because he'll make sure that you know everything that's going on in his life. He'll treat you like a queen and make sure you know that you are special so that you never have to question it.

10. You'll just know.

As cheesy as this may sound, there will be a moment when you will know. It'll hit you and shake you down to your core. It'll be a gut feeling that you can't ignore. The feeling will be different from any other feeling you've had with anyone else. The feeling will be more a recognition, a more familiarity. It'll be exactly as everyone says: you will know when you know.

The love of your life will be your best friend, your partner-in-crime, your everything. You will find comfort in each other different from anything else you've experienced. If you've found your person, hold them tight and never let them go.

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