I asked a few people which game they liked to play better: PUBG or Fortnite and why? These are some of the answers I received:

Friend One:

I like Fortnite more because: 1. its free, 2. It shows the difference between good and bad players when it comes to gun skill and or building in game, 3. Even though you may have to pay money for stuff like skins and the battle pass if you grind and play the game a lot you earn vbucks back so it's like a little incentive to play!

Friend Two:

They are both good. I prefer PUBG when I want a realist feel but Fortnite is good if you're into cartoon shooters. PUBG is better when you're playing with people but if you're by yourself, Fortnite all the way!

Friend Three:

I have never played PUBG but I know Fortnite is awesome and PUBG IS awful!

Friend Four:

PUBG because it’s a more tactical and skill-based gameplay compared to Fortnite where a game is over in 10 minutes. I enjoy the slower gameplay which brings out the tactical side of the game.

Friend Five:

PUBG because it's a competitive game that sticks to what it wants to be. Fortnite is more fun, in my opinion, but they keep adding things that ruin the game!

As you can see, it’s really a toss-up between the two it really depends on your personal preference! Both games are good in their own ways! I personally have not played PUBG yet, but I love playing Fortnite!