Every photography dilemma you've faced while living in Fort Myers has been solved for you. From scenic sunsets to relaxing nature trails, tourist attractions, and small chic sites. Not only are these places beyond photo-worthy, but they'll be your new weekend plans too.

5.     The Taco Bell Wall

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If you're a Fort Myers native and you live close to the Gulf Coast Town Center, you're probably already familiar with the Taco Bell Wall. It's the perfect photo spot for locals or traveling taco fans. Most importantly, nothing says "Welcome to Fort Myers" like a Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

4. The Outskirts of Coconut Point Mall

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Coconut Point Mall is best known for its variety of shops and restaurants, perfect for a day when you want to be outdoors and enjoy the beauty of Fort Myers. It's also full of discreet photo spots that you shouldn't miss. If you're searching for a more unique and original photo, Coconut Point won't disappoint!

3. Lakes Park

IG: @Spencer.abigail

Aside from the fact that Lakes Park is already your new ultimate weekend relaxation venue, it has some amazing views! From wide open fields to soothing water, looming trees and cacti, (yes, cacti) there are plenty of locations for your choosing to feature in your next Instagram post.

2. Koreshan State Park

IG: @skyluvs2cruise. Photographed by: @andreancphotography

The Koreshan State Park is a quaint nature park filled with trees, old artifacts and historical buildings. This means it's the perfect place for Southern-themed photography lovers! Pro tip: try waiting until Sunday to check out this prime photo spot. Every Sunday during brunch hours, they have a cute Farmer's Market with food, fresh fruit and vegetables, souvenirs, and more!

1. Lover's Key


Lover's Key is now your only sunset photo spot, because it's ruined all the others for you (in the best way). Spend the day at Lovers Key with your friends to get away from beach traffic and the hustle of things to do, and afterward, choose one of its many to photograph one of Fort Myers' famous sunsets to commemorate your time.