To The Forgetful Man,

O’ You Forgetful man, You have turned your head. You have been misled.; you were once following the Father’s lantern who was treading your path before you. Now, you follow the stumbling path in the darkest of night. You are so cold, shivering to the bone. Your heart has slowed and face is downtrodden. Your joy has begun to leave you. You will not feel because your body will become numb…you do not feel because your heart has hardened. Have you forgotten! You have been here before, in this dark, damp forest. Do not approach, do not go any further.

O’ You Blinded Eyes, how deeply deceived you have become. O’ Forgetful Man do not go back. Do not go back to the lake which twisted and perverted your image. Into the reflection, you stared—there, stirred the self-hatred that is leading you astray from the lightened path! This unforgiving lake will freeze you; the lake will consume you. All the warmth of your world will fade away and you will become bitter. I recall, you were at its shores—this lake is alive. It called to you, tempting you. This is the birthplace of your troubles. I recall you kneeling at its shores. While kneeling, you store into its dark waters and the moonlight gave you a mirror. In the mirror, you did not see you! You saw what this world will make you! But, O’ Blinded One, do you not remember what Your Father has made you! I pray, do not enter the lake’s waters once again.

O’ You Wanderous Soul; You misguided soul. Do not enter that treacherous sea. Its waters are unforgiving, it is there the devil slumbers. It is colored in deep red. It is there your soul will become prey for the beast of the sea. They will swallow you whole and you will be only an appetizer before the great entrée. If you dare enter this body of evil, you will feel a wrath like no other. The sea is boiling and has the hottest temper. Its waves will crush you under its rage and spite. This sea is evil. Great men have fallen here, greater men have drowned by her—where tyrants were born. All the world’s lust and greed have been place deep on her floors. Do you also not know, this is where anger arose! Where bitter words flow like a river from your mouth! This where your self-hatred turn into world-hatred!

O’ You beloved child, do you not remember Him calling you by name? Do you not remember His embracing arms? Do you not remember His blood spilt for you? Do you see the light He gave you; do you not see the destination He is leading you to? Remember! Remember! Remember. Remember. Please, remember. O’ Forgetful Man remember!

-Drew, Your Former Self