The Forgetful Man

The Forgetful Man

"O’ Forgetful Man remember!"

To The Forgetful Man,

O’ You Forgetful man, You have turned your head. You have been misled.; you were once following the Father’s lantern who was treading your path before you. Now, you follow the stumbling path in the darkest of night. You are so cold, shivering to the bone. Your heart has slowed and face is downtrodden. Your joy has begun to leave you. You will not feel because your body will become numb…you do not feel because your heart has hardened. Have you forgotten! You have been here before, in this dark, damp forest. Do not approach, do not go any further.

O’ You Blinded Eyes, how deeply deceived you have become. O’ Forgetful Man do not go back. Do not go back to the lake which twisted and perverted your image. Into the reflection, you stared—there, stirred the self-hatred that is leading you astray from the lightened path! This unforgiving lake will freeze you; the lake will consume you. All the warmth of your world will fade away and you will become bitter. I recall, you were at its shores—this lake is alive. It called to you, tempting you. This is the birthplace of your troubles. I recall you kneeling at its shores. While kneeling, you store into its dark waters and the moonlight gave you a mirror. In the mirror, you did not see you! You saw what this world will make you! But, O’ Blinded One, do you not remember what Your Father has made you! I pray, do not enter the lake’s waters once again.

O’ You Wanderous Soul; You misguided soul. Do not enter that treacherous sea. Its waters are unforgiving, it is there the devil slumbers. It is colored in deep red. It is there your soul will become prey for the beast of the sea. They will swallow you whole and you will be only an appetizer before the great entrée. If you dare enter this body of evil, you will feel a wrath like no other. The sea is boiling and has the hottest temper. Its waves will crush you under its rage and spite. This sea is evil. Great men have fallen here, greater men have drowned by her—where tyrants were born. All the world’s lust and greed have been place deep on her floors. Do you also not know, this is where anger arose! Where bitter words flow like a river from your mouth! This where your self-hatred turn into world-hatred!

O’ You beloved child, do you not remember Him calling you by name? Do you not remember His embracing arms? Do you not remember His blood spilt for you? Do you see the light He gave you; do you not see the destination He is leading you to? Remember! Remember! Remember. Remember. Please, remember. O’ Forgetful Man remember!

-Drew, Your Former Self

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I Blame My Dad For My High Expectations

Dad, it's all your fault.

I always tell my dad that no matter who I date, he's always my number one guy. Sometimes I say it as more of a routine thing. However, the meaning behind it is all too real. For as long as I can remember my dad has been my one true love, and it's going to be hard to find someone who can top him.

My dad loves me when I am difficult. He knows how to keep the perfect distance on the days when I'm in a mood, how to hold me on the days that are tough, and how to stand by me on the days that are good.

He listens to me rant for hours over people, my days at school, or the episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' I watched that night and never once loses interest.

He picks on me about my hair, outfit, shoes, and everything else after spending hours to get ready only to end by telling me, “You look good." And I know he means it.

He holds the door for me, carries my bags for me, and always buys my food. He goes out of his way to make me smile when he sees that I'm upset. He calls me randomly during the day to see how I'm doing and how my day is going and drops everything to answer the phone when I call.

When it comes to other people, my dad has a heart of gold. He will do anything for anyone, even his worst enemy. He will smile at strangers and compliment people he barely knows. He will strike up a conversation with anyone, even if it means going way out of his way, and he will always put himself last.

My dad also knows when to give tough love. He knows how to make me respect him without having to ask for it or enforce it. He knows how to make me want to be a better person just to make him proud. He has molded me into who I am today without ever pushing me too hard. He knew the exact times I needed to be reminded who I was.

Dad, you have my respect, trust, but most of all my heart. You have impacted my life most of all, and for that, I can never repay you. Without you, I wouldn't know what I to look for when I finally begin to search for who I want to spend the rest of my life with, but it might take some time to find someone who measures up to you.

To my future husband, I'm sorry. You have some huge shoes to fill, and most of all, I hope you can cook.

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I'm A Woman, Proud And Strong

I like the color pink, and I still like to win.


I'm a female. No matter how big the mountain, how rough the terrain, how difficult the task, I am fearless. I am a warrior. I am a woman.

I've spent most of adolescent life sitting back and watching society turn into something so cruel and mean, full of intense hate and slander toward anything that is considered even the slightest bit different. Growing up, I was tossed into this world of constant masculinity and lack of vulnerability where I was told what I could and couldn't do and what I wanted and didn't want for my life. My entire life was created for me, and the same was true for my close friends and family members who had fallen victim to this ugly place we call home.

And yes, being a child, obviously, you have to have some kind of guidance from teachers and parents, those who are supposed to help you grow instead of pinpointing every single detail of how your life should run. However, there comes a time when each and every person, no matter gender or sexuality, should be able to choose their own path.

I was never liked in my time in public school, and now that I reflect on my time there, I realize that it wasn't because I was an unlikable person. It was because not a single person understood WHY I was the way I was: I stayed to myself, I learned to have a backbone, and I sure as hell DID NOT let any man, or any person for that matter, create a path for me to walk. Women are not doormats. We are strong individuals who have just as much a brain as any other gender in the world. I don't do laundry, I don't clean, and I don't cook. Am I still a woman? Absolutely.

We are underestimated and have been throughout all of history. Our voices have been silenced since the beginning of time, but now we're considered butthurt because we want equality?

I've believed in God as long as I have been born, but I have never once thought that He loved me any less because I decided to stand up for myself instead of bowing to another person. Yes, He created woman from man. But, is that why He gave us the strength of childbirth? Why we are considered the nurturing figure? Why are we as women, mothers, and queens of our time, capable of loving everything with our entire being and still considered the weaker sex?

I am a product of a small town; I am a product straight from a molding masculine household where there are jobs for a woman and jobs for a man. However, I am also the product of a poor education system. I am a product of hatred and sexism. I am a product of a society that has been against my gender since the beginning of time, not just in modern times.

But, even through all of this, I also know for a fact just what women can do when put in a room together for a large amount of time. I've watched nothing turn into something great in the hands of women. I've watched women fail but use failure as encouragement to move forward. I have been a woman who has had doubts but has used her fears to create and empower others. So, don't look at me and tell me that you can't be "feminist" because the Bible tells you that you can't be.

God made us strong.

He made us caring.

He made us amazing.

He made us female.

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