Pretty much everyone in college has to take at least one foreign language class, and if you don't those of us who do hate you. After taking three semesters of a foreign language I still have no idea what I'm doing in class. Everyday I go through a mix of emotions that are hard to put in to words, so im going to let the cast of Friends speak for me.

1. When you have no idea what anyone is saying so you just nod and smile.

2. When the professor asks you to read something off of the powerpoint and it ends up sounding way more like gibberish than an actual language.

3. When your partner is trying their best to explain everything the best they can but you still don't understand, they might look like they're happy to help but in their head all they can think is...

4. When the homework only accepts one specific answer.

5. Doing homework by yourself is a nightly struggle.

6. Not understanding the simple grammar.

7. When the professor tells you that they have added more homework for you to do.

8. When the professor calls on you and you weren't paying attention.

9. Realizing you really have to get it together or you're actually going to fail the class.

10. Finally and last but not least, when you remember you had homework over the weekend.