Thinking too deep... I wonder if I'm the only person sometimes who thinks this deeply. It's like I'm on the bottom of the ocean and just thinking about everything that I see. I wonder if I should think lighter. If I should lay on the top of the ocean for a while and just float and ride through life. I know that sometimes I get caught on a piece of coral and I get a tiny cut and have to let my skin heal. I like to float along with the waves, but sometimes you have to grab onto some seaweed to keep you grounded.

Sometimes you fall off the raft and lose your way and your map. It can be hard to try and recreate your map from memory. Sometimes you can forget places that are important to you and people you're supposed to visit. You might forget to draw in the jagged rocks that always give you trouble, and when you go through them you almost forget how you got through them in the first place. It's like you're trying to draw it out in the sand and the water washes it away.

Maybe you're led into deep water for a while and you just keep waiting for the shallow water to come again. Maybe the time spent in the deep water feels longer than usual, but in the end, it could be just what you needed. The waves will push you to where you need to go, you just have to trust that they're safe. Maybe you get risky and go into dangerous waters even though there are plenty of warning signs and that voice inside your head telling you to not go any further. Maybe that water isn't that dangerous to you, but to others it is.

Sometimes you'll have to go alone on a journey and that's okay. Your thoughts can keep you company and your memories too. Going on a journey alone means that you have to be strong for yourself because all of the trust is in you. You are the only way you can survive and make it back to safety. Maybe the waves lead you to an unknown area and uncharted waters. You can't go back, you can only go forward from there.

Life can be like a river or a creek or even a pond. There may be little fish and big fish that help you along. There will be stones to show you the way and lead you on a path through life. There may be some moss that you might slip on and have to start back at the beginning. Depending on rainfall, there might be a flood or a drought. The water level will change everyday just like your emotions and feelings. Who knows? There might even be a waterfall at the end or a rainbow.

Life can be like kayaking down an inter-coastal and getting stuck in the mud, it might take some strength to get yourself out of there and to get back on track, but you can do it. It's like getting your feet wet at the beach and walking on the sand. The sand will never actually get off your body no matter how much you scrub at it just like your past knowledge. You could sink into the sand or burn your feet on the hot sand, but you'll keep going.

I hate the saying that life is like a box of chocolate, because it's actually like water and possesses all of the qualities that water possesses. It can change its direction and make new path if it's strong enough. It can push against your barriers and knock them down eventually. Water is one of the most powerful substances—just like you are. If you're feeling weak today or ever, just remember that you are like water, a force of nature to be reckoned with.