For Those Who Look Younger Than Their Age
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For Those Who Look Younger Than Their Age

Ten things you can relate to if you look young.

For Those Who Look Younger Than Their Age

How old are you? Oh, wait. It doesn't matter because according to the world, you're 12. You can be years out of college, but you still take advantage of your school ID discounts. This article is dedicated to those who look younger than their age. Just know you are not alone in your struggle.

1. You expect to get a kid’s menu

It’s usually not that bad unless you’re on a date. There’s nothing less romantic than people assuming your date is your parent instead your significant other. On the plus side, nothing on the menu is over $10 and you can’t go wrong with macaroni and dinosaur nuggets.

2. You get ID'd for everything.

If you forgot your ID, you might as well go home. You’re not getting into a club, R-rated movie, or tattoo shop. Don’t even think about buying a lottery ticket or trying to book a hotel room, because it’s not happening. And make sure you drive very carefully, because there's a very real chance you'll get pulled over for not looking old enough to drive a car.

3. When you do bring your ID, people assume it’s fake.

You have a mental breakdown for five seconds, but after 25 years of looking like you’re 12, you’re prepared for this daily occurrence. Yes, that is me, and no, that ID is not fake. Here’s my passport, birth certificate, and bank statement. Now, please just let me buy some over-the-counter cough medicine.

4. You never have to buy yearbooks.

You can just look at your old baby photos because you look exactly the same. Transformation Tuesday? More like Staying the Same Saturday. It’s not as catchy, but more realistic. Thomas Brodie-Sangster knows what I’m talking about.

5. You never get age-appropriate gifts.

Like Ralphie, everyone in our family thinks we are perpetually three. Yes, as someone in college, I did need that easy bake oven. Who knows, maybe I can make ramen in that? Even though my age is on the cake, go ahead and ask me how it feels to finally be a freshman in high school. At least getting dolls for Christmas and birthdays isn’t as bad as getting stuck at the kids table at Thanksgiving.

6. Or appropriate treatment.

Why do people feel compelled to ask me how old I am and then proceed to tell me how young I look? I don’t go around telling you how old you look. I don’t go tugging on your wrinkles, so why are you pinching my cheeks? Are you just so amazed by my elastic, unblemished skin you have to touch it? Stop. I’m just as much as a capable adult as you are, so treat me by how old I am rather than how I old I look.

7. You get hit on by younger people

You’re old enough to be their babysitter, but you still have to ward them off with your license and proof of insurance. Listen kids, even if I did find your fart jokes funny, and even if I was proud of how much you've made by mowing lawns, it wouldn't even be legal. So just stop.

8. The pressure to look older is heavy.

Young looking women spend so much on makeup and "mature clothing." Unfortunately, no matter how much foundation you have on, what clothing brands you wear, or how high your heels are, you end up looking like a child playing dress up. If you're a guy, facial hair is a must. Most often, the longer the beard, the manlier the man, but there's always a chance that could backfire.

9. You can't spend time with kids without being mistaken for one.

Let's hope you don't work at a school or day care, because you will be placed with the rest of the children and expected to do the activities. No matter how many times you say, "But I work here!" people will just pat your head and pass you more glitter. It's even worse if you're short.

10. You’ve finally accepted that people will never understand your struggles.

Most people don’t even realize it’s condescending to pretend like a grown adult hasn’t hit puberty. You’ve heard the phrase, “It’ll help you when you’re older,” a million times. I know I’ll look 30 when I’m 60, but for right now it’s really inconvenient. Most of all, you’re just going to start getting creative when people ask you how you manage to look so young. No, it’s not some magical face cream; it’s just your genes, but they don’t have to know that. Next time someone asks you, tell them you bathe in the blood of youth to replenish your skin. Admit to being Gothel and tell them how you’ve kidnapped a girl with magic hair. The possibilities are endless.

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