To the girls who are going to want to date my youngest brother, there are some things you should know first.

I have two younger brothers, but my youngest brother is the one you will have to be careful with. He has the more tender heart of the two. He is only seven years old, but give him a few years and all of the girls will be all over him. Usually, I would say, "Fathers, lock your daughters up," but for Jaxon, I am locking him up because his heart is so big.

This young man, not even a little boy, a YOUNG MAN has a pure heart. And I know reading this you are probably thinking, "Oh he is just so young, he does not know heartbreak." Trust me, he does. By seven years old he has already lost all of his grandparents, without really meeting all but one. He has to grow up with the "divorced parents" title, except unlike most kids in this situation, he hardly sees his father. He is living in a society where his skin complexion is not white enough for some friends but not dark enough for others. He is half white and half samoan, so he is still learning of the society we live in along with his culture he is away from. Yet, already at this age, he has shown more compassion for others than most people my age.

He is an amazing big brother to our three-year-old sister and one of the smartest kids I know. (A first grader reading about one hundred and forty words per minute; that's more than me.) He is still in the whole "girls have cooties" stage, but I can already tell by the time he hits puberty, he'll be a ladies man. He's not going to be a player, so dads and big brothers will not have to worry, but I do.

I worry because I know what Jaxon is capable of. He makes friends with anyone and can be so outgoing, yet so shy at the same time. I can go to my mom's house for the weekend, get my stuff ready to leave, and look over seeing him cry. He hates when I leave, and I hate leaving. He does not love with half of his heart, but with all of it. He knows what pain is and he is very familiar with it. He knows what is right, and what is wrong.

I can already tell that when he is ready to date, he will not be the "average guy." He opens all doors, has manners, says grace before every meal, and most importantly believes in God. Jaxon is a shoulder to cry on when my mom, little sister, or I need it... and that is so important. Because he is so young, yet he tries to be the one person in the house that is strong for us all without even knowing what he is doing.

So to the girls who are going to want to date my youngest brother, Jaxon Toa Onosa'i Mageo, I warn you not to break his heart. I warn you, because he will not be the stereotypical boy who will break your heart first. I also warn you because I have spent 2,211 days knowing and loving him, and the second I have to wipe his eyes from tears over some girl, I will turn into the monster of an older sister and come for you. (In a nice, but mean way.) He is one of my best friends, so be ready for consequences.


The Big Sister