The Footprints Left After Each of Ben Rector's Concerts

The Footprints Left After Each of Ben Rector's Concerts

"Like when I close my eyes and don't even care if anyone sees me dancing" Ben Rector - Brand New Lyrics


One event that occurred during my spring break last year impacted my life forever. No, I did not spend a week in Mexico and make some regrettable decisions that resulted in a new child entering my life. I saw Ben Rector in concert.

Who is Ben Rector, you may ask. With not that many people informed of his music like I was by Ellianne, a friend to which I will forever be grateful, I usually have to describe his music to new, unaware fans. I like to say his music is similar to “gospel type songs without the gospel lyrics”. Rector has an upbeat sound with lots of instrumental beats from piano, guitar, drums, and more.

“[Ben Rector] has the voice of Jesus and I love him” – Ellianne Jacques

With the small concert venue for the up-and-coming artist only fitting about 1,700 fans, Ben Rector was able to be very interactive with the audience, even singing his last song of the night while moving through the middle of the crowd. Not one person was more than 100 feet from the stage, allowing every person to enjoy the concert audibly and visually. No mater how long the person in front of you spent doing her hair, being able to see the performer instead of the back of a head during a concert is, for obvious reasons, so much better.

While being so close to Rector that it gave me chills, hearing his voice was the thing that brought tears to my eyes. Although I previously believed it was impossible, he sounded even better in person than his recorded songs. It is indescribable how near close to perfect his voice sounded. Usually people posting a hundred second Snapchat story of them at a concert is as annoying as hearing people chew food or gum. But in my case on that majestic night, my Snapchat friends viewing my story were experiencing a sliver of heaven, free of charge (and also be able to watch it repeatedly for 24 hours).

“It’s very cool to see a musician that is so into what they’re doing up on the stage; when they are closing their eyes you can see how impacted they are by their music, you know it’s from the heart.” – Emily Johnson, attended the concert (and many thanks for her being my chauffeur to the Missouri concert).

A couple months before the concert, a friend was impacted by a very emotional draining event. Emily stated that the friend was very moved by Rector’s song, When a Heart Breaks, saying she would repeatedly “go back and read the lyrics, putting her tough situation into perspective and giving her hope for the future”. While nearly all popular artists and bands are famous from catchy rhythms, not everyone can say their lyrics touched so many souls and encouraged people to “don’t let [themselves] worry quite as much, it will end up fine enough, it always has up until now” (Rector, Note to Self).

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