The college experience is one that comes with many ups and downs.

You never need to raise your hand and get permission to use the restroom, you can use your phones/laptops in class, and you can set your own schedule and skip if you want to. It's a whole new world. With that world comes the added responsibility of taking care of yourself. You now have to grocery shop, make sure you eat, and force yourself to go to class.

For those of you who are struggling on that college budget or are simply just lazy, here are some necessary items you should purchase.

1. Rice

It's relatively cheap and easy to make. It's a very filling meal that can be eaten on its own or with added proteins or veggies.

2. Oatmeal

It's incredibly cheap for a large bundle and takes only a couple of minutes to make! It's perfect for breakfast.

3. Pasta

It's incredibly cheap and doesn't take a rocket scientist to cook it. On top of everything, it has a long shelf life.

4. Spam

It can be cooked in the microwave, on the stove, or in your toaster oven. Easy and cheap.

5. Tortillas

It's pretty cheap, comes with several, and can be eaten in many ways. Make a quick quesadilla, make a wrap, or even a taco.

6. Bread

Once again, it's very cheap for a loaf of bread. You can eat toast for breakfast, make a grilled cheese (in your microwave, toaster, or on the stove), or even a quick sandwich.

7. Frozen foods.

This is last on the list because it really should be your last option. If you know you're not going to bother with cooking, maybe get Pizza Bagels, Chicken Melts, or Hot Pockets. They aren't very expensive and come with multiple, which might last you awhile.