Nobody understands the value of a home cooked meal until they leave for college. It gets so boring eating the same old pizza and pasta and salads for each meal. And (at least at my dorm hall) there is no stove or kitchen where I can make food myself. It can also get costly if you decide to keep buying food/drinks from outside. Not just that, but it is SO EASY to gain weight in college when you are surrounded by all this tempting unhealthy food. So, I created a list of seven foods that I like to keep in my dorm when I get hungry so I don't have to keep going to Panera to buy myself a cookie whenever I get hungry between meals.

1. Fruit

I specifically keep apples and oranges in my dorm because they don't rot fast. I bought raspberries to my dorm two weeks ago and yesterday when I took them out to eat they were all mushy and moldy. I don't recommend keeping berries if you are not going to eat them on time.

2. Dried fruit

I never used to eat dried fruit. The concept just seemed very weird to me: why eat dried fruit when you can have fresh ones? This was before I tried dried mango slices and one of my friend's dorms. They are really good. Just be careful which kind you buy. There are some more sugary ones I try to avoid.

3. Trail mix

I am not a huge fan of trail mix but it can be very filling and it gives you a lot of energy. It is also one of the healthiest snacks out there.

4. Spinach and kale whole grain chips

This is a healthy alternative to Doritos or Lays. Although it may not be as tasty as the others, you can indulge in more without feeling as guilty. You can also buy a dip that partners with these chips if you want. I have the spinach, artichoke and parmesan dip in my dorm that I eat with these chips occasionally.

5. Milk or juice

Juices usually last a while in the refrigerator. Milk/juices can be very filling so I always keep it in my dorm for when I get hungry mid-day.

6. Bread with spreads

Bread usually can last for some time. My roommate always keeps peanut butter, jelly, and Nutella in the refrigerator so if you ever feel like having a light snack, or are rushing out the door late to class you can fix yourself a quick sandwich.

7. Instant foods

This can be range from instant noodles (in moderation), instant oatmeal, to even instant coffee/hot chocolate. Most dorms come with a microwave so it is good to have these packets in your dorm so you don't have to go out each time you want breakfast or want a cup of coffee.