If you had told me at the beginning of my freshman year that I would graduate in 3 years, I would have laughed. Now here I am, two semesters away from graduating, and I'm beyond scared.

I plan on going to graduate school - I've known that since I first started college. What I didn't know is that I wouldn't be applying to grad schools that focus on my major, but rather my minor.

I've known since I was in sixth grade that I wanted to do something with books as a career. Writing them is difficult, but I think an editor's job is much more difficult. If I had listened to my heart, and not anyone else's opinion, I might be halfway through writing a novel.

Everyone stresses how important it is to do what you love, but then they also say you need to make money in order to support yourself. They backtrack. You shouldn't.

I don't think money is everything. Sure, it's nice, but doing something you love is 1,000 times more fulfilling. I would gladly live in a rat-infested apartment as long as I was doing what I loved.

If you're afraid that people may not agree with your career choice, do it anyway. Fear shouldn't hold anyone back. The only thing that should ever hold you back is not being able to commit.

If you really are scared of what other people may think about your career choice, double-major. Minor in something like me. Do not be afraid of being happy. You'll go nowhere.

If you want to be a zookeeper, be a zookeeper. If you want to be a plumber, be a plumber. If you want to be a doctor, be a doctor. You get the point I'm trying to make.

If you're still trying to figure out life, that's okay, too. Listen to your heart and follow it. You might be surprised where you end up.