You'll Want To Cover Your Body With Ink From These 10 Tattoo Artists

You'll Want To Cover Your Body With Ink From These 10 Tattoo Artists

The best artists to check out before you make your parlor appointment.

Paige Ryan

Pre-Instagram, it was harder to find tattooists whose vibe and style completely aligned with your own. But now you can discover the best tattoo artists and design inspiration around the world.

Whether you're dreaming about getting inked, looking to add another, or just simply enjoy browsing through cool tattoos, you're gonna want to give all these tattoo artists' Instagram accounts a follow.

1. Russell van Schaick - @findyoursmile

What to expect: Vibrant watercolor, sketchy designs, fandoms galore.

Where: Florida, USA

Russell is an amazing, unique artist. He is known for his watercolor style. Based in Florida, he loves creating fandom-based designs, such as Marvel, Disney, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Harry Potter.

Check out his KickStarter here:

2. Stephanie Speer - @okitssteph

What to expect: Florals, mandalas, and moons, exquisite details, black & white.

Where: Alberta, Canada

Stephanie started out as an artist on Instagram but worked her way up to becoming a full-on tattoo artist. She has a very distinct style that is truly witchy and beautiful. Her linework is absolutely phenomenal.

3. Lindsee Boyer - @lindseebeetattoo

What to expect: Skulls, crystals, fruits and plants, nature.

Where: Minnesota, USA

Lindsee is the owner of Bee Ink Tattoo in Minneapolis. Her artwork varies depending on what her client wants but everything is clean and fun. She excels at both black linework and colorful designs. Most of her designs are inspired by nature.

4. Cutty Bage - @cuttybage

What to expect: Black linework, sp00ky designs, portraits.

Where: North Carolina, USA

This fantastic artist works at Hollow Moon tattoo in the mountains of North Carolina. Her black tattoos show off her amazing attention to detail and strong linework. They usually are dark designs and she's not afraid of deep contrast.

5. Kelly McGrath - @kellymcgrathart

What to expect: Jewel tones, sparkles, custom designs, vibrant colors.

Where: North Carolina, USA

Kelly's designs are super original. She also sells her own prints and canvases. Her designs make great use of color and she has a knack for incorporating a sparkly effect. Everything she does is super unique. She has many designs that she's known for, such as flowers, lipsticks, and crystals, but when you scroll through her feed you can tell she won't back down from even the craziest idea.

6. Eva Krbdk - @evakrbdk

What to expect: Fine art, minimalism, tiny tattoos, soft colors.

Where: New York, USA

One of the most impressive things about Eva is how she packs so much into a tiny space. She does great replications and interpretations of fine art, but she also creates beautiful custom designs.

7. Bacht - @bachtz

What to expect: Minimalism, tiny tattoos, black & white, heavy details.

Where: Bali, Indonesia

These tiny tattoos truly pack a punch. They're built of fine, fine lines and heavy attention to details. He does a variety of different styles, but he is excellent at creating little detailed sea creatures, like dolphins, turtles, and whale sharks.

8. Lilian Raya - @lilianraya

What to expect: Intense colors, sparkles, a distinct style, female portraits.

Where: Mexico City, Mexico.

Lilian's tattoos are super colorful and detailed. Most of them are cartoon portraits of females, from Britney Spears to Princess Jasmine. She adds jewel tones, sparkles, and teeny tiny details that bring the faces to life.

9. Michela Bottin - @michelabottin

What to expect: Deep color, body modification, anime.

Where: New York, USA

Michela does an amazing job of creative beautiful anime tattoos, such as Sailor Moon, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Studio Ghibli.

10. Kandace Layne - @kandacelayne

What to expect: Goddesses, henna, mandalas, intense linework.

Where: Georgia, USA

Kandace shows off her amazing linework in her tattoos inspired by henna and mandalas. Her art is beautiful and empowering.

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