All too often, we are told that we need to be striving for success: a firm goal that we've set for ourselves.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes we simply don't know where to start and we feel overwhelmed, which makes us view every step that we take as a failure because we didn't achieve our goal right away. We are trained to expect immediacy in today's world, with pretty much everything available to us at the tap of a screen, and this has made us forget that real life things: what's important- takes time.

We're human, you and I. We're different from each other- we have different likes, dislikes, different experiences and different values. There's not one formula for success- not one equation that can spit out a universal answer that equals our happiness.

The path we make for ourselves has to be our own. No one besides you should be allowed to choose that path. Once you get on it, there will no doubt be some obstacles that pop up and may even push you off the path, but this is totally okay, as long as you're still heading in the right direction and your head is in the right place.

Pretty soon, the little changes that you make start to feel like habit. Whether you're trying to improve your health, your grades, your job skills, your relationship or something else, it is important to remember that thing won't become perfect all at once. Focus on making progress and allowing yourself to feel proud of doing that. There's no shame not yet having met your goal as long as you keep actively taking steps to get there.