The tickets are booked, the travel arrangements are made, and your family couldn't be more excited to see you. You're excited to get back home, to your hometown ( the one you swore you wouldn't miss). You think this time might be different. You tell yourself its just 8 short hours of traveling. It will be smooth sailing this time. And then, you get to the airport.

1. Your bag is .00001 ounces over the limit but you still get charged the $50 fee

This is usually followed by begging/pleading. Are you sure I can't just take one earring out? No, okay fine. I already spent hundreds on this ticket so just take more of my money.

2.  The person in front of you in security is wearing approximately 8,000 metal pieces of jewelry

Did security already warn everyone to remove all metal items? Yes. Three times, actually. Somehow though, you get stuck behind the woman who thinks the rules just don't apply to her. *Beep beep* followed by "oops, I guess I missed another one.

3. Your flight is delayed 

You sprint to gate after getting stuck behind miss metal for what seemed like forever. You arrive disoriented and out of breath to find that you did not need to run because your flight has been delayed an hour and a half. This is normally just an annoyance unless you have a connecting flight and then it results in a frantic attempt to change your ticket times.

4. You have to be a millionaire to buy a airport sand which 

I would like to file a complaint with whoever thought it was fair to charge 14.95 for a single sand which that would have been under 10 literally anywhere else. They know I'm going to pay it. I'm starving from just sprinting to my delayed flight.It's just rude.

5. Your gate was changed

You go back to double check the board and find that your flight was not in fact delayed, but the gate was changed. Your flight is leaving on time. You pick up your bag and grab your carryon and sprint across the airport like you're Usian Bolt, sandwhich in tow.

6. The line to board is roughly 200 miles long

I know airplanes are big, but how could this many people possibly be getting on to the same flight. You wait roughly 30 minutes to even see the airplane. All the while thinking you lost your boarding pass about 3 times just while in line.

7. Your phone is dead 

In all the sprinting from gate to gate you did not have time to charge your phone. You get settled in your seat and pull out your phone to listen to music or watch Netflix to find that your phone is at 7%. You regret telling your mom you didn't need a portable charger.

8. There is no in flight food

For whatever reason, the food was cancelled on this flight. You were not aware that your sandwhich (the one that costs 14.95) was supposed to tide you over for 8+ hours. You would literally pay top dollars for some chips right now.

All though traveling can be sometimes ROUGH you would do it over and over again. At the end of the day, coming down the escalator you get to see your family, you get to go home. That is worth all the hassle in the world