Fluid bed processor technology is the key to understanding how you can increase efficiency and productivity when processing pharmaceutical materials.

Just as other procedures relating to material processing in the pharmaceutical industry, there are a wide range of stages involved in fluid processor technology.

Each stage is vital when considering the overall efficiency of your process. There are many factors that can clearly affect the outcome of fluid bed technology.

The goal is always 'continuous improvement' when it comes to properties of powder. We must always aim to improve on aspects such as compressibility and flowability.

Understanding the basic concepts of fluid bed processor technology can help us improve the efficiency of our powder or granules.

Principle of Fluidization

The design and shape of fluid bed dryers show that this principle is featured in most fluid bed dryers.

To attain the best drying of pharmaceutical granules and powders, you can simply adjust certain parameters in your fluid bed equipment. This will give you an edge in the pharmaceutical industry by increasing the efficiency of material processing.

Fluid bed processor technology can make use of the efficiency gained by the fluidization principle in the shape of:

  • Better thermal efficiency
  • Rates of drying powder and granules increases
  • Drying capacity improves within a small area
  • Control
    • Control rate of airflow
    • Temp
  • Higher ROI as product handling costs will decrease

In the pharmaceutical industry, fluid bed technology is the perfect choice for material processing.

Variables in the Granulation Process and Control Fluid Bed Drying

Quality of the end product is the hardest thing to maintain during fluid bed granulation.

Fluid bed processor technologies production of a quality end product can be influenced by controlling certain aspects. There are various parameters that you will need to be able to adjust for, hence, it is advisable you opt for fluid bed equipment that is adaptable for any occasion.

100% pharmaceutical material efficiency can be impeded by the failure to understand various solid-state transitions. It is important for your fluid bed processor technology to come with modern instrumentation equipment, so you can control any sensitive parameters from an easily accessible control panel.

Adverse Material Processing? No Problem, Assure High Efficiency via Innovative Design

Wide ranges of designs and functionalities exist in the fluid bed processor machine realm.

The nature of the application calls for the need of specific machinery, it is fully dependant on the activity. You may need to opt for a fluid bed dryer, or you may need to use a fluid bed blender.

Depending on your specific need of application, there are a host of options to choose from. To guarantee maximum efficiency, you can choose different types of pharmaceutical fluid bed equipment. The result being a mixture that is fast, gentle and homogeneous.

Processes listed below can be accommodated by modern fluid bed processor technology:

  • Drying
  • Granulating
  • Powder
  • Coating
  • Particle Coating
  • Pelletizing

Sprays are located in different points:

  • Top spray
  • Tangential spray
  • Bottom spray

All dependant on the material you are processing, it could either flow horizontally or vertically. Multifunctionality is the aim, this will ensure the adaptability of your machine to any processing operation in the pharmaceutical industry. Fluid bed equipment is designed with the vision to optimize efficiency and operation.

Two operations should not a be a big task for a modern fluid bed machine. Senieer - the custom fluid bed processor maker is a prime example of a highly adaptable and multifunctional fluid bed processing machine maker.


Multifunctionality increases the efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry, a modern fluid bed processor allows functionalities such as drying, granulating and coating. Designs are created to achieve optimal performance, yet it's important to consider the operating parameters of your equipment.