Flowers to Send on International Women's Day

Flowers to Send on International Women's Day


Women's Day- A day to celebrate womanhood, a day to remember the sacrifices made by each woman from every corner of this world, a day to feel proud of yourself. March 8th is celebrated a women's day across the globe.

This is the day when we remember about many women whose voices were unheard. This is the day for us, the women. A woman is a caretaker, bread earner, a lover, a peacemaker, a mother, a diva, and everything that you can imagine of. Unfortunately, we had to fight really hard to gain our status in society. Therefore, this women's day remember to pamper yourself because you are worth it!

If you want to appreciate a woman on this women's day, then think about giving her some flowers. Many people in the UK often send flowers to the women they respect and care for. They choose flower delivery services to send a lovely bouquet in each and every corner of the country.

Well, what can be better than remembering a person and letting her know that she is admired for her hard work? We say flowers are always the best choice to send across to the woman who matters to you the most. She can be your sister, your mother, your lover, your boss, your wife, and anybody who has somehow inspired you in life.

Let them feel loved and appreciated for everything they have done for you and in life. Let the woman feel delighted, let her shade some happy tears and thank you in return.

If you are already thinking about a flower delivery service, but aren't really sure about the flowers, you should give, then go through our list of best flowers that you can choose from.


Do you know that Mimosa flower is a symbolic flower for women's day? The vibrant yellow colour can make anyone's day brighter. Especially when the lady you admire the most receives it, she will surely be filled with lots of joy and prosperity. Make her smile with a bunch of mimosa flowers on this women's day.

Mimosa flower


To be honest, roses are the kind of flowers, which are perfect for any occasion. Roses are the symbol of love, purity, honesty, and loyalty, which are the ideal features of a kind woman. We will suggest to buy a bouquet of red roses and send them across to every woman who is the epitome of pure love. Roses are highly popular, and the receiver will be out of words after seeing a bunch of beautiful flowers being sent to her from another city!


Tulips are the symbol of elegance and grace. Any woman would love to receive them. This women's day send them as a token of love and appreciation for being the woman she is. Let her feel appreciated. Let her feel happy. Tulips can brighten up the woman you admire the most in a jiffy. Send her some, trust us, she is going to keep them safe.



Lilies are also a good choice for women's day. These star-shaped flowers look extremely elegant, and their sweet fragrance is mesmerizing. Lilies are the symbol of purity and innocence. They also represent many aspects of womanhood, for example, beauty, passion, and motherhood. If you have a woman in life who you think should be admired and appreciated for all that she has done, then you should definitely choose lilies.


These beautiful purple color flowers are incredibly exotic. Orchids represent beauty and rarity. We think you should give it your better half on this women's day. You would surely want to appreciate her too on the 8th of March. No need to utter a single word because orchids will say a thousand words on your behalf.


The last pick that we have for you is bright gerberas. These gorgeous flowers don't just look good, but they can brighten any mood at any time! Gerberas are the perfect representation of adoration. Now, what can be better than sending away some flowers which clearly says that you adore her?


Whatever flower you choose to send to the woman who means a lot to you, we are sure this small gesture will be highly appreciated. Choose a flower delivery service to handover these delicate flowers to a woman who should be recognised and valued for all her efforts.

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Why I Bought Myself A Promise Ring

This ring is a reminder of everything you have promised yourself.


When you hear the term "promise ring," your first thought is "a couple making a commitment." Which is correct, although the meaning of a promise ring is a couple making a promise to each other.

Promising that they'll do certain things for their loved one. And the most important is promising that they are in this for the long run and one day down the road they intend to get married.

I, personally don't have anything against promise rings, in fact, I think it's a beautiful and meaningful thing between two people who love each other. Although, I have seen people give their significant other a promise ring and make promises that they don't keep.

Yeah, sometimes things don't work out, which is a different story but, other times people don't like to keep their word.

Now, I have never been in a serious relationship enough to receive a promise ring. So, last year on Valentine's Day, I thought I'd be cheesy and buy myself a promise ring. Why?

Before I give you the backstory to what led me to buy myself a promise ring, in my opinion, buying it has been the best decision I have ever made.

I feel that the meaning of buying this ring for myself is so much more powerful and has a lot of meaning than someone else giving it to you. Of course, I'm not saying that your significant other didn't mean it, but if you are like me and have struggled with self-love. This ring is a reminder of everything you have promised yourself.

Here's my story:

Over the past few years, I've been struggling with learning how to love and accept my flaws. It all started when I failed my hearing test in elementary school, I was 8 years old when I first found out I needed hearing aids. I needed a teacher of the deaf and hearing aids. My first hearing aids had a wire that was visible, it looked like I had headphones in all the time. At first, I didn't care, I thought it was awesome because I was finally able to hear everything that was going on around me. Although, that happiness that I thought I felt, didn't last long once I started to get bullied.

I hated that I was different from everyone else, I wanted to be like everyone else, I wanted to be "normal." In my own way, I felt ugly as a person because not only did I have hearing aids but as I got older, I needed other "fixes" such as glasses and braces. It wasn't an easy feeling and looking different from everyone in my school. It was was harder when everyone would make you feel bad for being different.

Little did I know that having a hearing disability was the most unique and beautiful thing about me.

The older I got and the harder it was for me to hear without my hearing aids, I knew that this was something that I was going to have for the rest of my life. I told myself, I needed to use my hearing aids no matter how much I hated them because at the end of the day, hearing what's going on is what's going to help me.

Slowly I started to gain a bit of confidence in myself and about of my hearing disability.

But, that didn't solve anything, I still felt ugly about myself as a person.

I felt even more ugly and disgusting when I was sexually assaulted about two years ago. From the moment it happened I never thought that I was a victim of sexual assault until I told my best friend about it.

I kept telling myself, "you could have stopped it," "it's all your fault," "you deserved what happened" I was so scared to say anything to anyone because I didn't want any trouble. Instead of talking to someone about it, I was fighting and blaming myself that it was my fault. Even though deep down I knew it wasn't my fault at all. And I sure didn't deserve it, nobody does!

I let all my negative thoughts about that event get the best of me. I couldn't focus in class, there were days where I just didn't want to get up and go to class. I would distance myself from my friends and just lock myself in the room.

I knew I couldn't continue to put a wall up between me and everyone else. So, I decided to get up and talk about it with my counselor.

It was the best and right thing to do for myself.

It was the best not because I was being forced to talk about that experience but, because I was able to tell my counselor what I wanted to gain after my sessions. I wanted to be able to wake up one day and not think about that moment. To finally accept it. Yes, it was an awful experience but, maybe I can learn from it. Maybe I could help others who have been in the same shoes as I was. That's what I wanted to gain after my sessions.

Slowly with the help of my friends, and my counselor I started to get back up on my feet and becoming myself again.

I was going to my classes, seeing my friends again and doing things I would normally do. I even started to get into fitness, going to the gym 4 days a week. I saw how much I was improving and how happy I was becoming again. I knew I needed to do something to reward myself but, I didn't know what.

I started thinking about what could I do. One day I stayed up late writing all the things I want to do, achieve and all the things I want to improve on.

That's when I knew I was going to buy myself a promise ring.

Every time I see this ring on my finger, I remind myself of all the promises I made. Promises such as, I need to remind myself every single day I am beautiful even when I don't feel it. That there will be some days where bad things will happen but, there is always something good in every single day. I need to look at the bright side, instead of focusing on all the negative.

Promise rings don't always have to be given by your significant other. If you want to get yourself one, go for it! Remind yourself what you're worth. Remind yourself all the things you want to accomplish with a small gesture.

That you are beautiful in your own way and it's okay to be different. Being different is beautiful and that's what makes you who you are.

My disability is different but, it's what makes me Yenery and I am proud of it despite that I may have to do things differently from everyone else.

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What You Need to Know About Flower Essence Healing

Flower essence essentials. Some of the most important things about flower essence healing I learned so far.


I discovered flower essence therapy by mistake. I was at a certain stage of my life, a crossroad if you will, and I dabbled with different things in order to find a meaning to it. At one point things seemed rather bleak but it eventually took me to a path of redemption and me discovering ways of not just healing my body but my soul.

Here is where I discovered flower essence. At first, I was a little bit skeptical to try it, mainly because there are no actual evidence and trials which connect healing and flower essences together. But if you open your mind and dive into the spiritual you will find that it is there. This kind of remedy saved me and opened new doors for me and in a way ushered me into a completely new state of existence.

If you are ready to venture on the same path as I was, just be open to it. No matter how strange it sounds, the only way you will accept it is by opening your mind. Friend from a flower shop was a great help for me as she provided me with the essential knowledge that enabled me to start. She also gave me emotional support and opened up the gates that eventually went through.

What are Flower Essences?

First thing's first. What are flower essences? Many people have actually never come in contact with them and may seem confused. The best and most simple answer is that flower essences are infusions of flowers into water. The mixture is exposed to sunlight and is preserved in a solution. Alcohol is usually used as a preservant but glycerin is also used.

Contrary to what you may think, flower essences do not have a specific smell. The idea behind using them is that certain flowers posses certain energies and thus have healing properties. The healing energy of flowers is captured into the liquid and is then used for healing.

Flower essences go into the realm of vibrational and homeopathic healing. It is more connected to crystal and sound healing, even acupuncture, than with any other traditional form of healing.

The Origin of Flower Essence

While flower essence therapy draws its origin into the far past of human evolution, a closer origin story dates back to turn of the 20th century. Flower essence therapy has been around for ages but it was first introduced to the Western world by a British physician.

He started experimenting and using flower essences in order to treat various ailments of his patients. At first, it may have sounded silly, but the results eventually came.

His method was to place a certain flower into some water of a period of time until the water is imbued with the unique and essential imprint of the flower which was believed to have healing properties and would later be used to heal his patients.

How to Use Flower Essence?

Flower essences are used in various ways. But since they do not possess the smell of the flower they have been made from they are much different than essential oils, for instance. While other similar remedies are mostly based on healing physically, flower essence heals the soul.

One of the easiest ways to use it is to put a drop under your tongue. Some people put a few drops on their pillow before going to sleep. You can even put a few drops into your bath and bathe with it. The idea is that the healing energy of the flower is supposed to course through your body and heal you.

How is Flower Essence Different from Essential Oils?

This is what a lot of people are confused with. Essential oils and flower essences are a completely different form of healing. Essential oils are far more popular compared to flower essences, but the truth is that they are not as effective as flower essence is.

The biggest difference is that essential oils have a certain aroma to them and are used for physical healing. Flower essence works on a completely different level and heals the body on a spiritual plane.

The energy that flows through each flower is supposed to flower through your body and heal it. Another thing that you also need to know is that flower essence does not have any scent at all.

What Conditions Can Flower Essence Treat?

Flower essence is essential in healing the mental side of our being. There are actually many ways flower essence can help, but it mostly depends on the flower that is used. Here are some types of flowers and in which purpose they can be used.

Passion Flower - Takes us on a divine path and helps us connect with our higher self.

Nasturtium - Takes us away from our heads and brings us back to our body. Helping us to feel grounded.

Lemon Flower - Helps us focus and gives us clarity and clears away the mental fog.

Hibiscus - Stimulates sexual and reproductive energy and also evokes passion.

Grape Hyacinth - Helps to relieve stress which originates from physical or mental trauma.

How Can I Make Flower Essence?

There are many ways to make your own flower essence. But everything is connected in a spiritual plane. The recipes may different but the end result is always the same. Some essences need to be exposed to sunlight while others are made during the full moon. It takes a specific kind of ritual to make your own flower essence.

The most important and basic thing is that you only need one flower to make one essence. Compared to essential oils where one does requires for a bunch of flowers to be used. You need to capture the essence of a flower into some water, a solvent.

People use brandy but you essentially need alcohol. Glycerin is also used if you want to give it to children or to people who are allergic. But alcohol is the best preservant.

Put the lower into a casing and let it be for a while. After you are done the solvent will be ready to use. A few drops are more than necessary for a dose.

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