Flow Chart Kind of Life

You know what freaks me out?

Our lives are literally mapped out by the society we live in. I am a marketing major, so my main concern is to know exactly what people want when they want it and why they want it. I was promptly taking notes when I realized that my parents and my most of the people I know actually fall into the categories that I was charting out. I know that at this point you're like, well yeah Ana, professionals have been collecting data for years to enhance the market experience for consumers and producers. Fine, but if that doesn't make you feel a little odd then I am sorry for you. I mean, SERIOUSLY. We've been placed into boxes, and what I find striking is that we fall into these boxes without thinking about it. We have simply been conditioned to fit right in, to go through each stage in life as if there are no other choices. We've been socialized to be bachelors, then newly wedded, then full nest one, two and three, empty nesters one and two, and finally solitary survivors. AND THAT IS JUST CONCERNING OUR LIVES AFTER WE MOVE OUT OF OUR PARENTS' HOUSE. We've mapped out childhoods and teen years, as well as college years.

Perhaps this is a silly thought provoked by caffeine and deadlines, but I feel so trapped in this idea of what my life should be. I don't know about you, but I do not want to live a textbook life. In 50 years, if I uncover my Consumer Behavior notes, I do not want to read through them and think, yeah I did everything by the book.

I want to defy the "professionals", the data collectors, the textbook authors that simplify our life experiences into colorful flowcharts. Maybe this is lame, but I want to invite you to defy the odds and create a life of your own. Make a life that a chart cannot hold, that a textbook would not dare expose. Make a life that perplexes marketing professionals. Be the 1% that skews the data. And if you know someone like this, talk to them. Listen and learn and congratulate them for being more than a statistic.

Rant over.

Side note: If your dream is to live a life that is perfectly mapped out in a textbook, please disregard my frustration. Everyone should live the life they dream of, and I completely respect your decision to live however you like.

Side note 2: Live however you'd like as long as it's not hurting anyone else... I like clarification.

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