How I Learned To Embrace Flexibility

Most of the time, life doesn't end up going the way we want exactly; something that isn't part of the plan always crops up. I think it's important to realize that when these events do occur that everything will straighten out itself. I personally get anxious when my personal plans don't pan out as they were supposed to, but I have since learned how to be flexible and move forward.

Growing up, I was always pretty adaptable to most situations, just your average easygoing person. I didn't plan much; that was our family's style. Doing spontaneous things tended to be the most fun anyways, but as I got older, I enjoyed planning out when I was going to do homework, activities, etc. and took pride in club events that I planned at my high school. Although I tried to remain flexible, I noticed new anxiety that came with all of my planning success.

So when the college application time of the year rolled around, I felt stuck and unsure of what to pursue in the next four years. The spontaneity that I had once loved so much as a child had faded, and I panicked. I ended up choosing a college major slightly based on some interest I had developed recently after taking a few classes my junior and senior years in high school. I had a plan already formulating in my head about what I might do with this major.

Flash forward to my first year in college, shortly after mapping out what my four years of college would look like in this major, and I couldn't believe personally that I suddenly wanted out. Out of the department, our of the major, and out of the classes I was required to take. It felt like a destiny that I was stuck in.

And as soon as I considered those things, my whole four-year plan crumbled.

This was when I realized that no matter what plan I had in mind or on paper or on some scheduling website, there would always be some unexpected twists and turns. From this experience alone, I learned to plan with more flexibility and allow more of my much needed and loved spontaneity back into my life.

If you are open to more experiences, they will come to you. Embrace the unplanned and the unknown.

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