Flag Day: One Of The Most Underrated American Holidays

Flag Day: One Of The Most Underrated American Holidays

Why you should celebrate

Flag Day is one of those holidays we don't really put much thought to. June 14 th, for most, goes by like just another ordinary day; but it's more than that. Too often, we take days like these for granted, like seemingly insignificant holidays. But those holidays are there for a reason.

Flag day is a day to celebrate American history, American patriotism.

The American Flag stands for many things: life, liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness; it is a symbol of our country and the America dream.

Every year, people look forward to the 4 th of July, Independence Day, but no one celebrates Flag Day. When July 4 th comes around everyone is quick to make plans and have a fun BBQ or picnic, but why not Flag Day? I bet most of us don't even know what it is.

In June of 1777, Betsy Ross is said to have created the flag and on June 14, 1777, America adopted it. Flag day is also the day the army celebrates its Birthday. All of America's flags should be celebrated on flag day, present flags and past flags. Before the America flag got to where it was today, there were many before -- 27 of them -- each symbolizing important stages in American history. Though some cities are known for hosting wide celebrations for the American flag, most cities never do. During the whole week of June 14 th, Americans are encouraged to fly the flag.

Even worse than not acknowledging Flag Day is that some people go so far as to burn our flag! If people more understood the importance of American history, more people would probably think twice before burning a flag and they would appreciate the day that celebrates it. People undervalue the meaning of the American flag and Flag Day is there to remind us. Just because a holiday is not widely celebrated, doesn't mean it's not important. America is our home and the flag stands for us. In times of war, tragedy, and triumph, the flag has always been there, the flag has always flown.

Not celebrating Flag Day or acknowledging it as a legitimate holiday gives people an excuse to diss our flag and, in turn, diss our country. When soldiers went into battle, some dying and never making it out of battle, the American flag always did. Our flag gives us a feeling of hope and accomplishment—it is proud to be an American!

So many soldiers have died for our flag and for our country, and yet people, Americans, still don't celebrate Flag Day. There are no Flag Day sales at stores, little flag day parades, and no Flag Day fireworks. Just because society doesn't celebrate or make Flag Day widely known, doesn't mean it's any less important. No value can be placed on the American flag, no value can be placed on America and American soldiers who were killed defending it. They believed in our flag and all that it stood for, so why don't you?

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