Most days, I would consider myself pretty confident. I really don't care what other people think about who I am, because I love who I am and all the different things that make me Grace.

However, other days this self-love doesn't come so easy. I get annoyed with my frizzy hair. I feel like an idiot in class. I feel like I've been a terrible friend to the homies. It also seems like when I start thinking one negative thing about myself, a whole flurry of other negative thoughts rush into my head.

If you understand that feeling, here is a list I have compiled for you! These are a couple of the tips I use to gain self-confidence when I'm feeling down:

1. Take care of your body. Set time aside to clean up your hygiene, to exercise, to eat well, and to sleep a healthy amount.

2. Say you love yourself out loud (weird, I know). Constantly repeating so out loud, though, helps affirm to your subconscious that you believe what you are saying.

3. Keep a journal to discuss absolutely anything you want: your ideas, goals, feelings, confusions, and so forth. Journals are an amazing way to vent or even be inspired.

4. Tell your best friends or family that you are feeling really down about yourself. They will likely respond with how much potential and greatness they see in you that you must not be seeing yourself. This exercise will definitely help you see how the positives outshine the negatives.

5. Remind yourself that you are seriously the only YOU there ever was and ever will be. We each have our own unique stories, struggles, and perspectives on the world around us. You are a unique individual with so much potential. You’re doing great, sweetie.