Five Tips for Fighting Depression
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Five Tips for Fighting Depression

Yes, depression is real and affects more people every day than you know. You are not alone and there are others fighting the same feeling you or a loved one might be going through right now.

Five Tips for Fighting Depression

Depression leaves you feeling sluggish and helpless, thinking that nothing can help you. That is not true, there are numerous ways to help combat this illness. Whether it is lifestyle changes, or picking up new hobbies.

Maybe trying new energy supplements, or setting up daily goals. This article will give you some tips on how to fight depression and feel like a new person.

Why not Consider Supplements?

Depression is a mental condition that affects the daily lives of millions of people every day. The exact number of people is not known because some of those who suffer from it, never seek the assistance they need.

Before we list some supplements that help with depression, it is important to know that you should seek a doctor's opinion on if a supplement is right for you. It is not a one fits all case here, different supplements treat everybody differently.

There are a few supplements that help increase your energy levels, decreasing that helpless feeling that may occur. For example, CoQ10 is a naturally produced antioxidant in the body that protects the mitochondria. The mitochondria are responsible for most of the energy the body produces.

This substance is also known as Coenzyme Q10 and helps defeat that excess waste in the body. Taking a supplement like MitoQ, which contains this CoQ10 antioxidant can support your cellular energy levels.

Establish Goals

Creating a to-do list of goals to follow every day is an energy booster once you complete them. Going throughout your day and trying to remember all the tasks you want to complete can feel disheartening if not accomplished.

The goals you set for yourself do not have to be huge. Examples of the goals you accomplish could be, cleaning your room, or going for a run. Even doing the dishes or reorganizing your bookshelf. Depression makes even the smallest of tasks seem like huge burdens, so accomplishing these mini tasks can feel huge.

When finishing one project you will want to tackle another and keep this process going every day until you can complete your whole checklist.

Can You Cut Off Toxic Relationships?

The people you surround yourself with have a tremendous impact on you. It does not matter how much they are around, all day or only for a few minutes. The energy people release to one another can ruin or enlighten your day.

Focusing your energy or time on people that have a positive influence on your life can make you feel better. Those who always spill hate and negative energy can be felt and impact you in more ways than one.

Being isolated for too long with your own thoughts is not good for people suffering from depression. This can lead to high anxiety and loneliness being by yourself for long stretches at a time.

Give Journaling a Try

Living with depression can have its ups and downs, that is why it is good to journal your process. Everyone experiences depression differently, so you will not have the same emotions that another person might have.

A therapist often recommends their patients journal their thoughts because it helps with mood and gives the person a look back at what they were feeling on a certain day. Getting all your thoughts that you may be harboring in, out will feel like a huge release.

Journaling allows you to take control of your thoughts and makes them feel manageable. The key is to not focus on the negatives in your writing but on the positives. How far you came in your journey, what you are hopeful for. Also, how you plan on attacking the day and what you want to accomplish.

How Do I Get Out of My Comfort Zone?

Fear of the unknown stops us from doing things every day and blocks amazing opportunities that may have arisen. Getting out of your comfort zone is difficult but can be accomplished by completing small challenges you give yourself.

Starting small with your challenges is key, you do not have to take on the largest roller coaster at the amusement park. Start with going to a new restaurant, and dining inside. Or maybe go up to someone and compliment what they have on. These tasks are small but will make you feel the good anxiety rush they bring.

Knowing the limit to which you can get out of your comfort zone is important as well. You do not want to push yourself too hard, too early, and backtrack on the progress you already accomplished.


Depression symptoms can vary day to day and can not be resolved in a week. It takes time to uncover what you are feeling, and the right way to solve it. Many people think that they are alone and no one understands what they are going through but that is not the case.

Millions of people are going through the same things as you and if you are reading this post it is great because you are trying to figure out how to beat it for yourself or a loved one.

Whether you are considering trying supplements for the first time or establishing a new set of goals. Even journaling or getting out of your comfort zone, are only a few tips for fighting depression. Hopefully, you take these and implement them into your daily routine and check off those new goals.

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