Those of us who would regularly go to bed at 8:30pm if it was socially acceptable at our age know the true value of sleep. On a rough day there can be no place more welcoming than a comfy bed and a good day there can be no place more inviting then a place to crash once all the excitement has subsided. Some people are willing to invest way more in a comfortable mattress pad cover for the bed in their dorm room than they are willing to spend on textbooks. We spend a huge portion of our lives asleep and getting enough sleep has major benefits to our health. This being said, it's more than natural that a lot of us do not take too kindly to being woken up too early. So, as given to you by the person who is self-proclaimed the farthest from a morning person that it gets, here are the five thoughts that go through your head when someone wakes you up.

1. "This must be what the purest form of hatred feels like."

2. "This is the end of our friendship."

3. "If I felt like moving, I would probably punch you."

4. "What is the socially acceptable amount to yell at you right now and can I get away with it?"

5. "Everything that's making me be awake right now is what is wrong with this world."

To quote my Dad, the person who loves to wake me up the most the mornings that I'm home, "Is this too much sass for you to handle this early?" Me: *replies with angry grunt*