In case you aren't too familiar with some of the latest releases on the music charts, here are five key tracks that will "spice up" your summer soundtrack of 2018. Now, I included five overall, because your playlist should be about yourself as well – not just my opinions. What you will find is a nice balance of suggestions here, and maybe even a few surprises. So, without further undue, and in no particular order, here we go!

Chromeo – Bad Decision: This dynamic duo describes themselves as "funk lordz," and rightfully so, they truly are. If you ever have a chance to catch them in concert, it's a spectacle which will keep you moving for their entire show. Catchy, funky, fun, and unique are only a few words to describe these guys. If you were to put this one on a speaker at the beach, it's likely you'll get asked by a few friends one of two things: "Who is this? I like it," or "Who wants to dance?" Well, the second question might be an exaggeration, but let's funk!

Smash Mouth – Walking On the Sun: Ready for a trip back to the 90's? Smash Mouth was heavily known for their big hit "All-Star," but don't be fooled as they had quite a variety of hits from the 90's, featured in movies like Shrek, BASEketball, and A lot like Love. To no surprise, the group still tours as they are in the midst of a massive summer tour. The group still has it in them, trust me – surprising, I've seen them… I know. Nothing beats a good throwback like this one for that playlist you're curating.

Bad Wolves – Zombie (Cranberries Cover): I don't know much about Bad Wolves other than they have this incredible cover of the Cranberries' "Zombie." It wouldn't be right to take credit for finding this one on my own either, another fellow music lover sent me this one day, and I was hooked. This track has over 29 million followers on Spotify, myself included. As we've suggested a funky song, then a 90's acoustic throwback, now we get into a cover song, and a beautiful cover it is.

Childish Gambino – This is America: On May 5th Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, and also recently known as Lando Calrissian, hosted Saturday Night Live. That evening he performed two brand new singles, "Saturday" and "This Is America." "Saturday" has not been officially released on any music platforms as a single. On the other hand, "This is America" has its music video, portraying a very interesting "pessimistic statement on America Entertainment," and was released on multiple music platforms (i.e., Spotify, iTunes, Play Music and Deezer).

Mike Shinoda – About You (feat. blackbear): Linkin Park lost their wonderful and inspiring co-lead singer, Chester Bennington this year, but it hasn't stopped the creative juices of Mike Shinoda, other co-lead singer of the group. I like the LP flare to this track and have always been an avid fan of Shinoda's style. This song is a part of his new album which will go public on June 15th, titled "Post Traumatic."

Here you have it. A nice variety and style to spice up your summer playlist of 2018. Crank the stereo, get moving, and jam away.