Five Shows to Binge This Summer

Five Shows to Binge This Summer

We all get bored during the summer months. Here's some of the best shows you'll want to add to your binge list.

As summer break kicks into full swing, everyone is going their separate ways for the months to come, whether that be to work, to take summer courses, to go abroad, or to just lay on the couch contemplating the meaning of life for hours on end (I tend to be leaning towards that last one). We miss our friends from school and feel at a distance when we've all moved back home for three months, but there is one thing we can always share despite growing mileage between us: great TV. So here's five television shows you and your buddies can binge to bond during the time you're away from one another.

1) Girls

Aired on: HBO/HBO GO

Genre: comedy/drama

Rating: TV-MA

"Rotten Tomatoes" gives it: ~90% (averaging seasons)

Girls tells a story that I think many of us can relate to, albeit in maybe a more ostentatious way. This show tells the story of four young women trying to find their way in life, in love, and in themselves on the exciting backdrop of modern New York City. It focuses around greatly-differing characters--Hannah (Lena Dunham), the privileged writer who ignorantly tries to convey a struggle she doesn't face; Marnie (Allison Williams) , the uptight art gallery assistant who tries to make a singing career; Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), the spunky but naïve NYU grad trying to make her way in the job market; and Jessa (Jemima Kirke), the English nomad with substance abuse problems who refuses to follow societal standards. Girls provides slicing comedy to alleviate constant drama with a great indie-film feel as it tells the story of young females facing the bitter truths of real adult life in a way that makes it seem...maybe not so bad, after all.

2) Bob’s Burgers

Aired on: FOX, Netflix

Genre: animation, comedy

Rating: TV-PG

“Rotten Tomatoes” gives it: 89%

You’ve never met a family like this. Follow the story of the Belcher family: Bob, the father and restaurateur of run-down burger shop; Linda, the quirky mom who is always ready to help her family and sing a song; Tina, the oldest daughter with a strange obsession with ponies and backsides; Gene, the middle son with a big appetite and a bigger imagination; and Louise, the youngest child and the evil mastermind of the family. This show is a refreshing take on cartoons geared towards an older audience with a plethora of unique, hilarious characters, and wacky, unpredictable situations. With its fifth season opened for streaming on Netflix, it’s a lighthearted, easy to watch show that will be a blast to binge.

3) Skins (UK)

Aired on: E4, Netflix

Genre: Drama

Rating: TV-MA

“Rotten Tomatoes” gives it: 75%

If you want Degrassi with a better storyline and English accents, Skins is perfect for you. While it has its bits of ridiculous drama, it isn’t as idealistic as some American programs. It covers the experiences of a group of English teenagers transitioning from high school to university and adulthood, and every character has flaws, faces real issues and actually experiences great struggle, rather than problems being magically fixed through coincidence and elitist parental control. They live quite liberally, but their reckless actions don’t come without consequence, reinforcing the non-idealistic themes that the show stresses. They aren’t perfect kids, they don’t all have great home lives to support them, and they don’t always make great decisions. But these flaws are what make them enthralling, and what makes the show as a whole an addictive emotional rollercoaster.

4) F is for Family

Aired on: Netflix

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Rating: TV-MA

“Rotten Tomatoes” gives it: 82%

Mix the crude humor of Family Guy with the overall feel of King of the Hill and you’ve got F is for Family. Well, it’s funnier than Family Guy, and definitely breaks a few more boundaries and takes itself more seriously. Showcasing the events of the Murphy family in 1970s American suburbia, they face struggles like any other family. However, take this show with caution. It is incredibly vulgar and non-PC, as was common during the 1970s. With overarching themes of emotional abuse, patriarchal expectations, and overall depression and discontent with life, it can be a heavy brick to swallow. However, these themes are weaved into humorous commentary and make an overall entertaining show. With only one season of six episodes, it would be very easy to binge, but be warned at its themes. But if you’re into darker, more crude humor, then this may be your match.

5) Continuum

Aired on: Showcase, Netflix

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Action/Adventure

Rating: TV-PG

“Rotten Tomatoes” gives it: 83%

Be warned: you will get addicted to this show. Continuum tells the story of Kiera Cameron, a law enforcement officer from 2077 Vancouver fighting a terrorist group, Liber8, and while in pursuit of them finding herself trapped in the year 2012 along with the criminals, who used time travel to escape execution. She is forced to cooperate with 2012 Vancouver police officers to try to catch the terrorists from altering the past in an attempt to end the regime that reigns in the future, while at the same time maintaining a cover of an everyday 2012 Canadian woman. Throughout this show you meet some fantastic characters, all intriguing and none unimportant. The show has twist after twist and you’ll be on the edge of your seat for every episode. Trust me, this isn’t a show where you can easily predict the ending. Not to mention the special effects are pretty impressive. Continuum has a great mix of crime action, sci-fi technology, and drama to entertain any audience. So strap in, kids. It’s gonna be a long ride.

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27 Songs That Defined Grey's Anatomy's Most Heart Wrenching Scenes

The songs that played in fan's favorite scenes from Grey's Anatomy.

Every Grey's Anatomy fan has sat through the famous heart-wrenching scenes. We also watch the scenes that make you smile because maybe Meredith may finally get a happy ending. These wonderful moments that have us sitting on the edge of our couches crying our eyes out wouldn't be the same without the music included in the background. Sometimes it's hard to pay attention to just exactly what is playing. For all you Grey's Anatomy fans, here is a list of twenty-seven songs that are in our favorite scenes! WARNING: Spoilers for those who haven't finished!

1. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

This song debuted in Season 2 Episode 27 as Izzie lays with Denny in her pink prom dress after he dies from a blood clot that led to a stroke. Later in Season 7 Episode 18, Callie, Owen, and Bailey all sing Chasing Cars while Callie fights for her life after being in a car accident with Arizona. The famous song also played in MerDer's final moments together in Season 11 Episodes 21/22 as we all said goodbye to Derek.

2. Breathe by Anna Nalick

In a wavering moment of faith, fans watched as Meredith pulled the bomb out of a patient's body and handed it off to the bomb squad leader who took it down the hallway before it ended up exploding. In these moments we also saw flashes of Derek, who was operating down the hall on Bailey's husband while Bailey was in labor. This song was again featured in Season 7 Episode 18 with Lexie singing as she searches for Mark.

3. Make This Go On Forever by Snow Patrol

For some reason, Snow Patrol songs just really hit the heart in some of Grey's Anatomy's toughest scenes. This song plays as Meredith falls into the icy water while helping a ferry boat crash survivors in Season 3 Episode 15. In this moment we probably all wanted to push that guy over; how could he do that?! She was just trying to help heal his leg.

4. A Bitter Song by Butterfly Boucher

Also from Season 3 Episode 15, this song plays as Derek and friends wait in fear that Meredith can hopefully be saved after Derek rescued her from the frigid waters.

5. How to Save a Life by The Fray

This song first plays in Season 2 Episode 21. This is one of the first times we hear Derek's famous line "It's a beautiful day to save lives." This episode is where the interns are suspicious because of an episode of deaths, and death only comes in threes and sevens. How to Save a Life is also sang in the musical episode, Season 7 Episode 18, as the whole cast chimes in to sing this favorite song.

6. All I Need by Matt Kearney

In Season 3 Episode 1, Izzie is laying on the floor in shock after Denny passes away. Izzie lays in her pink prom dress still, unable to speak or move. Christina has everyone prepare a Shiva for Izzie.

7. Swans by Unkle Bob

This song and scene isn't one of the most epic times in Grey's Anatomy but it is Season 3 Episode 17. This is the scene where Richard sits with Ellis Grey after she had passed away. It's such a sad scene as he says goodbye to the woman he once loved.

8. In My Veins by Andrew Bell

Season 6 Episode 24 was an all around emotional episode with it being the shooting, this song made a particular scene even more emotional. Charles lays in the lap of Bailey, dying, and we couldn't help but shed a tear. We may not have loved Charles at times but Bailey was so good to him in his last moments.

9. Holding Us Back by Katie Herzig

While on the shooting episode, Season 6 Episode 24, this song plays in the devastating moment where Derek gave a McDreamy speech that just could have saved him until April ran out and the gunman decided to shoot Derek. Meredith and Christina watch as Derek falls to the ground, leading Christina to have to perform surgery on Derek.

10. Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson

Contrary to the title, in this scene, Christina is shown breaking down after being left in the church by Burke. Luckily Meredith is there to help her remove the choker and cut Christina out of her dress. This scene is in Season 3 Episode 25.

11. Falling Awake by Gary Jules

Sweet George makes a difficult choice as he turns off his father's life support in this scene in Season 3 Episode 22. George's dad wasn't a main character but we still hated to see George in so much pain.

12. Blindsided by Bon Over

We thought Denny was gone until recent episodes where he shows up as a ghost to Izzie. This particular song plays in Season 5 Episode 12 where Izzie and Denny talk and he tells her "I'm here for you." It sets in for Izzie that he is here for her and she realizes she is sick.

13. Off I Go by Greg Laswell

In this moment we fell apart as George appears in the elevator in uniform. For a slight moment in this scene, Season 5 Episode 24, we may have been confused but realized George was officially gone.

14. Street Lights by Kayne West

We loved getting a little Kayne in Grey's Anatomy, Season 5 Episode 10. Christina and Owen struggle with their relationship since it's been a nonstop emotional rollercoaster from the beginning. This song plays as Owen brings Christina to the basement and shows her the vent room. They kiss while standing over the air vent laughing as it brings them instant relief.

15. We Do What We Want by O+S

Season 5 Episode 19, MerDer meet in an elevator covered in their history of scans and medical papers of cases they worked on together. This scene made fans go crazy because our favorite couple finally is together. In the elevator, Derek proposes to Meredith and she, of course, says yes.

16. Feels Like The End by Mikky Ekko

In Season 9 Episode 1, the end comes for McSteamy. Five o'clock hit in Seattle and the crew had to say goodbye as the deadline Mark had set for being hooked up to machines had come.

17. Skin by Zola Jesus

Just as Teddy was becoming happy and a true married couple with her husband Henry, Christina has to inform her in Season 8 Episode 9 that he did not make it out of surgery. This scene was heartbreaking since Christina had to work with Teddy for hours in surgery before she could tell her the outcome.

18. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

Everyone loves a good Ed Sheeran song in a romantic moment. In Season 9 Episode 10, this song plays at Bailey's wedding reception after marrying Ben. As much as we wanted to be happy for them, this song and scene focus' on Richard as he arrives and shares with Meredith that Adele died.

19. We Built This City by Aron Wright and Jills Andrews

The newlyweds April and Jackson have been fighting about their pretend children for a while. In Season 10 Episode 21, April informs Jackson mid-fight that they are not fighting over imaginary children because she is pregnant so this is real. It becomes such a happy moment as one of our favorite couples comes together and puts their problems aside.

20. Without You by Ingrid Michaelson

In Season 9 Episode 24 Bailey operates on Meredith who just had baby Bailey in the middle of a blackout. Jackson's life is on the line after he ran into a bus that was on fire to save a little girl.

21. You Were Supposed to Be Different by Aron Wright

This song plays in Season 11 Episode 21 when Meredith decides to unhook Derek from his life support machines. This is a devastating scene as we watched Meredith lose the man who changed her whole world. Derek gave the dark and twisty the fairytale she deserved.

22. We Built This City by Aron Wright and Jill Andrews

Christina stands in the hospital's shower fully clothed after saving a child's life but was unable to save the sibling (this was the struggle where three siblings were all in the hospital for the same heart problem). Christina confesses to Owen that she doesn't see the point and Owen confides in Christina. He tells her how she had the votes for winning the Harper Avery award but her working at Grey-Sloan made it impossible for her to win.

23. Where Does the Good Go by Tegan and Sara

This song isn't a sad song and is a happy but sad moment for Christina and Meredith. Christina dragged Meredith into an on-call room just before she finally left so they could dance it out one last time together. Just as this scene ends Christina stands in the doorway and tells Meredith that Derek is not the sun, she is.

24. Keep Me Warm by Ida Maria

This song plays in Season 4 Episode 17, when Derek finds Meredith and the candle house he built for her. It's such a great moment because we know Meredith is finally ready to commit. Derek then leaves to end things with Rose!

25. All I Need by Firstcom

This song is from Season 2 Episode 1, a scene that is small but defining. Christina shares with Meredith that she is pregnant. Christina then tells Meredith that she put her down as her emergency contact for her abortion because she's her person. This is the moment that they officially became each others person.

26. Flashdance by Yale Naim

Season 5 Episode 24, the famous scene where Derek and Meredith quickly get married on their corky post it note. The official beginning of a long journey they would take together and of course become legally married later on in order to adopt Zola. The legal marriage could never top their post it note, though.

27. Cosy in the Rocket bu Psapp

This final song was the theme song for the show. The lyrics "nobody knows where they might end up, nobody knows" really hit as we look back and see where the characters have come since the pilot. Who would have thought Meredith and Derek's hook up would lead to such a love story? Who actually thought Richard would be right when he said only two interns would last?

Now that you've remembered all these wonderful scenes from the epic Grey's Anatomy, there is nothing else to do besides rewatch your favorite episodes. Go ahead and make a Grey's Anatomy playlist, how can you resist?

Cover Image Credit: PBS

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