As a soon-to-be junior I'm exactly half way through my college career. That's amazing considering it feels like just yesterday that I was moving into my first dorm, navigating the campus, and getting used to being away from home. Since then, i've been through two years of college and have changed so much. My second year was a far cry from the first. I got my first apartment, lived with a couple roommates (something that hadn't seemed to work out for me freshman year). I met all kinds of new people - some proved not to be the most genuine but meeting them taught me a lot about the world and the people in it. This year i'll be a junior. A new year, new apartment, and new possibilities to explore. But before this brave new year begins, here are a couple of resolutions to keep in mind.

1. Be Bold and Take Chances

Sure, college is mostly about getting your degree, but a large part of it is also socializing and meeting new people as well as trying new things. So don't be afraid to be adventurous and try something that might scare you. You rarely make memories and stories by playing it safe. I did that a lot during my freshman year and in the long run it didn't serve me very well. When I went back to school the following Fall, I instantly made a change. I went out with new friends and moved around different social scenes. Sophomore year, for me, was largely about taking chances.

2. Be Mindful of The People You Meet and the Choices You Are Faced With

On the same note, sometimes that chance you took doesn't always pan out the way you wanted or thought that it would. I, for example try to remain confident in most of my decisions. I've saved myself a lot of pain and heartache doing that. This year I sort of shot that mentality to hell and just acted on impulse. That probably wasn't the smartest choice considering as parts of this year got very painful based on the decisions I made.

3. Remember Your Priorities

Everyone has different goals and things they wish to accomplish while in college. Some want to have as many exciting experiences as possible, others to rack up as many degrees as possible, some even to find love. If I could give one glaring piece of advice to any incoming freshman, I would tell them not to stray to far from the reasons they chose to be here. Unless of course it is truly worth it.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Change it Up

If you really feel like your meant to do something other than what you came to college to do, then change it. I was so sure that all I wanted to do was journalism but last fall I started feeling a pull towards law. Luckily I was able ad a law minor. I'm now able to study two things that I'm passionate about, without having to start over. If your feeling this way talk to an advisor, listen to your gut. It's rarely wrong.

5. Don't Let One Bad Thing Ruin or Define Your Whole Year

While I do view my sophomore year as an overall success. There were some painful moments. I got wrapped up in something that in the long run, just became too much for me to handle. Luckily I rid myself of that situation and burden and was able to make my year a success and a valuable learning experience.